Quote Of The Day

From Captain Capitalism, Aaron Clarey:

“The vast majority of humans are about as valuable as individual atoms of hydrogen, a lump of coal, or the unearthed and unrefined ore of iron. They are worthless, they are pointless, they will never amount to or achieve much of anything. Out of the estimated 150 billion humans who have lived and died on this planet, a mere 10,000 are the ones who made history and set forth humanity on the path it is today.”

Diamonds, Steel and Stars (the article from which the above came) is definitely worth a read.  In fact, it should be mandatory reading for every adolescent — even if only 0.00005% of them actually do what the article suggests.

Quote Of The Day

From John Derbyshire:

“Every totalitarian power cult needs a vocabulary of vituperation—some way to talk about the enemies of the people: those wreckers, saboteurs, and counter-revolutionaries who are always trying to slow or divert society’s righteous march forward to a radiant future.”

Hence the current Congressional hearings about “White nationalism”.

Quote Of The Day

Found at some bloke’s place in North Central Idaho:

Day 1:  Wish violence, rape, or even death on @NRA members & anyone who supports gun rights — and their children for good measure.
Day 2:  Wonder why the people you just threatened don’t want to give up their guns just yet.

Oh, and speaking of Joe Huffman:  I cannot attend this year’s Boomershoot (again! ) for family reasons, but next year, Rodders… and that’s a promise.

Quote Of The Day

From Rick Moran:

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed and for 230 years, the press has — mostly — used that freedom responsibly. Sure, the pressures of deadlines and the desire to be “first” with a story led to some famous failures. “Dewey Defeats Truman” was supposed to be a cautionary tale for reporters and editors. Instead, along with many proud traditions associated with the craft and art of journalism, the lessons have been forgotten or discarded as outmoded.”

Given how today’s journalists (and most of their editors) are a bunch of ignorant twerps who think that recorded history began around 1990, I would be surprised if they even knew who Dewey and Truman were.  (The more knowledgeable ones would probably think that Dewey had something to do with decimals, and “Truman” was that old Jim Carrey movie.)

Quote Of The Day

SOTI (commenting about the (post-Christchurch) KiwiGov’s reaction to people critical of the policy of welcoming “migrants”):

Multiculturalism is a such a runaway success that it requires a Big Brother police state to make it work.

Just like, errrr socialism: