Quote Of The Day

“We no longer glorify heroic deeds, we glorify heroic suffering.” — Greg Cochran

Yup.  To be a member of a “victimized” class (women, Blacks, LGBTOSHTFU, etc.) is the sine qua non of modern heroism.  But the holder of a Medal of Honor or Victoria Cross?  War criminal.

All of which reminds me:  it’s Range Day at this address.

Quote Of The Day

From a commenter on this post:

“[James] Madison was 25 in 1776;  by the time he was [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s] current age he was drafting the Constitution.”

Compare and contrast Madison’s output with that of Horseface’s Green New Deal.

And people wonder why we old-fashioned conservatives revere bygone times, and their inhabitants…