Incomprehensible Fuss

So one of Wal-Mart’s satellite suppliers was selling “Impeach 45” (i.e. the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump) merchandise, but after some people started squealing, the Big W ordered the stuff pulled.

I have to say that I’m a little nonplussed by the fuss.  Frankly, I remember when a lot more “objectionable” stuff was sold — and still is, e.g. Che Guevara T-shirts — and the world got on just fine.  Even the satirical riffs on the revolting Obama’s “Hope” / “Dream”  logo could have been construed as objectionable, at least to liberals, Commies and Democrats [massive overlap] , but I don’t remember howls of outrage coming from them — and they are quite easily the most-easily-triggered population group ever (see MAGA caps, reaction to).

And I’ll probably get the “But it’s Wal-Mart that’s selling it!”, as though the stereotypical American retailer (with 90% of its inventory carrying a Made-in-China label) should somehow be above such objectionable merchandise.  (I note that the Emperor Misha’s excellent dictum — “Rope.  Tree.  Journalist.  Some Assembly Required.” —  was also pulled from being sold on a T-shirt, as though journalists should not be strung up weekly from lampposts, as commonsense would suggest.  Sheesh.)

But with all the shit that the Left is causing these days, a stupid call for impeachment (which ain’t gonna happen, no matter how many Impeach 45 T-shirts they sell) is small potatoes.  Far more problematic is [list of 2,000 Lefty-loony actions omitted, for space reasons] .

Let’s face it:  we as a nation have a long and proud tradition of using T-shirts, pamphlets and bumper stickers to get under the other guy’s skin and up his nose.  And I’m enough of a capitalist to believe that as long as there’s a market, people should be able to make a buck from it, regardless of offense taken.

Here’s my suggestion for a T-shirt logo which broadens Misha’s thought somewhat:

Think I could get Target to carry it?

Oh, Great

Apparently Mexico has elected a Commie rat bastard [some redundancy]  to be their next El Presidente.  How nice.  As if we don’t have enough of them ourselves in Congress, California, New York, Austin, Berkeley etc., now we’re going to be dealing with imports as well?

Needless to say, other Commies from all over are racing to offer their congratulations to Comrade Obrador.  (I love the fact that BritCommie Jeremy “Shitbreath” Corbyn has hailed Obrador’s election as a “new beginning” for Mexico.  Given Communism’s track record, it would be more accurate to call it the “beginning of the end” for Mexico.)

Oh well.  Now we really need to build a wall (e.g. as it was in Cold War Germany, with machine-gun towers and minefields) to keep the desperate Commies from flooding over the Rio Grande in even greater numbers (see:  Venezuelan refugees streaming into Colombia and Brazil).  If you thought the illegal Mexican border-jumpers were desperate before, just wait till Obrador’s policies force Mexico even deeper into the shit than they are already.

I also love the fact that the dear comrade’s campaign was positioned as “anti-corruption”, when we all know that under every Communist regime ever installed, all the guys at the top get massively rich from… corruption.  Mexico will be no different.

If this wasn’t happening so close to our borders, I’d just order up (and eat) a megaton of popcorn while watching the place implode.  But ugh… the Mex/U.S. border is only a few hundred miles south of where I’m sitting, and this is not going to end well.

Maybe a moat, as well as machine gun towers and minefields…?  How say you, O My Readers?

Proper Advice

Megan Fox has some advice on “How to Go Out in Public as a Trump Supporter”.

This because White House staffers have been tossed out of restaurants, cinemas etc. by screeching SJW / Commie / Democrat / Antifa [lots of overlap]  loonies, and because we’re seeing this kind of thing in the so-shull meejah:

Unable to get what they want peacefully (e.g. via elections and rational argument), it seems as though the Left is starting to preach and foment violence, as they always do under such circumstances.  And as George Orwell once intimated, the Left are all for violence / revolution / [insert violent action e.g. gun confiscation, mass executions or gulag sentences here], as long as they themselves as individuals aren’t required to do it.

So my advice to all Trump supporters is rather more succinct, and less tongue-in-cheek, than Ms. Fox’s:

“How to Go Out in Public as a Trump Supporter”?


As a wise man once said:  “I’m not going to start anything.  But I sure as hell am going to finish it.”  I wonder how the Left will feel if they actually have to reap the whirlwind they’re sowing.

Update:  Looks like I’m not the only one offering this advice.

Quick Reminder

Over at Day By Day, Chris Muir is holding his annual fundraiser.  Please go over there and make a contribution.  I’d hate my first-thing-in-the-morning read to disappear through lack of $$.  Plus, Chris is one of the better (if not the best) of the online political satirists, and excellence should be rewarded.

Excellent Article

Via Stephen Green at Insty comes this thought-provoking article by Michael Korfman, which you need to read first for the rest of this to make any kind of sense.  It’s one of the best takes on the geopolitical situation with respect to Russia and the U.S. that I’ve seen for a while, so it’s worth the time.  And the fact that much of his analysis is based on historical precedent makes his hypothesis even more compelling.

While looking at the reasons why Russia is doing what it’s doing, Korfman makes this comment (and it gives rise to my only quibble with his piece):

This theory of victory stems from the Russian assumption that the structural balance of power will eventually shift away from the United States towards China and other powers in the international system, resulting in a steady transition to multipolarity. This strategy is emergent, but the hope is that a successful campaign of raiding, together with the greater threat from China, will force Washington to compromise and renegotiate the post-Cold War settlement.

I don’t understand why Russia would “raid” the Western democracies to cause the focus of power to move towards China, which seems on its face to be a perilous activity for Russia.  After all, the United States is never going to invade and annex Siberia — which the Chinese are going to do, eventually and inevitably, as soon as they become strong enough — and with the loss of Siberia’s oil and mineral resources, Russia is going to be left far weaker even than it is already.

Unless, of course, the Russians are gambling that China will first try to establish hegemony in the South China Sea, and that if the U.S. has been weakened even slightly, that China will follow that course instead of invading Siberia.  It’s a big gamble.

Failing that eventuality, I don’t have a counter-answer as to why Russia is being a pain in the ass;  I do have a solution to counter their activities, which is to raid them back.  For starters, I see a hugely-favorable trade agreement with Georgia, a massive U.S. military entrenchment in the Baltic states (with some offensive and not just defensive capability) and a “boys will be boys” attitude towards CIA mischief aimed at undermining Russian beach-heads (a.k.a. their embassies) in every country in the world.  Two can play at the raiding game, and we need to show the Russians that we can, and will.  Yeah, it leads to dangerous brinkmanship;  but it’s also a way to stop their shit-stirring, or at least think twice before doing it.

As Cousin Avi said in Snatch:  “Russians. I should’ve known. Anti-Semite, slippery Cossack sluts.”  Truer words were never spoken, and we shouldn’t forget them.

Union No

Wow.  So Michigan, once the very epitome of a union-controlled state, has kicked ass with a new law:

This week the Michigan House of Representatives took up a measure to put an end to a rule called the “prevailing wage,” a requirement that forces all construction projects initiated by state government to pay workers the same wage union members make even if the workers hired for said projects are not members of a union, reported.

The measure passed, but how it became law is extremely impressive:

The petition submitted to the House could have been allowed to become a ballot measure, and likely that is what Protect Michigan Taxpayers expected to become of their petition. However, the state legislature always has the option to submit a petition straight to the state house and that is what the Michigan Senate did when they heard the petition and then voted 23-14 to enact its provisions. That prompted the Michigan House to take up the idea and they passed it as well, 56-53.
Indeed, since the petition met the required number of signatures to be considered and since both houses of the legislature voted to approve it, this repeal doesn’t even have to go to the Governor’s desk for a signature.  It will now simply be put into service.
Hence, Michigan’s prevailing wage rule is a dead letter.

Hubba hubba.  Now go and read the rest of the article, which argues quite persuasively against the concept of federal employee unions.