No Kidding

Every so often, even Nancy Pelosi is going to get one thing right (although not in the sense that the corrupt old Marxist bitch means it):

‘Civilization as We Know It Is at Stake’ in 2020 Election

Oh, we know that, Granny Guevara.  On the one hand, we’ll have a free-market economy with an ever-dwindling government regulatory burden, a robust energy industry un-crippled by spurious ecological regulation, and an increase in manufacturing jobs as companies quit the ruinous globalization process.  Still on that hand, we’ll have a stronger, more coherent foreign policy backed by a powerful military, containment of oppressive regimes and a lessening of danger from Islamist extremism.  Yet more on that hand, we’ll have stronger border enforcement with implications that lessen crime, disease and extremist incursions and increase employment prospects for U.S. citizens.  Even more on that hand, we will have a population that enjoys increased personal freedoms that include gun ownership, the right to choose our own medical care, and a smaller federal tax burden.  All that  is the “civilization as we know it”, which was the essence of the republic given to us by the Founding Fathers and our Constitution.

On the other hand:  if you Commie cocksuckers come to power we’ll have none  of the above, and our country will more closely resemble Cuba, Venezuela, and the old Soviet Union.

The choice we face in the 2020 elections could not be clearer.

News Roundup

Pithy news items, pithy commenth.

1) Brit woman prepares for the worst, the inevitable happens“Never mind, the authorities have a plan to help you” coupled with “You’re a selfish hoarder” are comments which unfailingly point to a neo-Marxist social mindset.

2) Olive oil cuts heart attack risk by 20% and substituting vegetables for a piece of meat makes you live 50% longerand next week, other studies will prove that olive oil is worse for you than cyanide, and swapping meat for veg will make your bones brittle.

3) The Muzzies get one right, for a changealthough it doesn’t take a genius to see that Biden’s regressing to total retardhood right before our eyes, on a daily basis.

4) All Bloody Commies network comes to a stunning realizationpissing off millions of gun owners… only in #MarxistUnicornWorld will that help your chances of being reelected.

5) UK Parliament may shut down for monthswish that would happen here, regardless of cause.

6) Climate sanityof course, none of the eco-freaks will bother to read this, or else they’ll just say he’s #WorseThanHitler — #SOP.

Overriding The Vote

Ordinarily, I have the same degree of interest in Democrat Party election processes as I do in, say, fungal growth [there are some similarities].  But if I read this right, it seems that the “candidates” can go to all the trouble and expense of running campaigns in the primaries, arrive at the convention center with all the state delegates they’ve acquired through their wins at the polls… and then get told to fuck off because the Democrats have something called “super delegates” who are not elected, but who appear to function as some kind of overriding process so that if the Democrat voters elect a fucking nutcase (like, say, Bernie Commie Bastard Sanders), these super-delegates can just put their collective thumb on the scales and elect someone else.

Did I get this right?

Wow… small wonder, then, that Hillary Bitch Clinton (who benefited from just this process in 2016) has essentially told Breadline Bernie that he is never going to get the nomination, despite the number of electoral delegates he might bring to the convention (again).

And this is the same party who wants to impose this bullshit on national elections.

All I can hope is that the Socialist convention in Milwaukee ends up as a furious melee between the Bernie fanatics and the “regular” [snort]  delegates.  Fistfights, tear gas, cops wading in with nightsticks — Chicago 1968 all over again — which might actually make me watch the thing.

My only problem is that I tend to clean my guns while I watch Democrats on TV, and gun oil doesn’t taste good with popcorn.

News Roundup

Short takes on Da Nooz:

1) Presidential hopeful Pete Buttplug indicated he is open to the idea of raising the legal age for firearm purchases  —  Cool.  As long as he also supports raising the voting age by the same number.

2) Venezuelan dictator Maduro announced late Monday that he would order “surprise” war games to plan for attacks against the United States on a “permanent” basisso basically, he’s copying California and D.C., except they’re not playing.

3) Portland Police Bureau are seeking the public’s help in identifying four Antifa members who took part in a recent protest in the city where police officers and civilians were attacked  —  and a prediction:  one day these little fascist fucks are going to threaten or beat the wrong guy, and get shot in the faceOn that day, I will publish a report of the incident under “Righteous Shootings”.

4) Paki Rape Gang Sentenced To Jail Terms  —  instead of being taken out behind the courthouse and shot in the back of the neck, unfortunately.

5) EU Wants To Keep Plundering Britain’s Fishing Waters  —  OR, the Brits can just send out their new aircraft carrier for “practice war games” and sink every EU ship it comes across.  It’s not like the Euros could do anything about it, not one of them having a deepwater navy.

6) Noted Homophobe Trump Appoints Homo As DNI  —  so much for that little Lefty talking point(Of course, he’s the wrong kind of homo, being conservative, hence the howls of protest from the Hair On Fire Party.)

7) CanuckiPM Girlyman Has No Clue —  no surprises there, especially as he secretly supports their protests.

and finally:

8) Eating a big breakfast could help you burn double the amount of calories than if you eat a larger meal at dinner  —  y’all know what to do now, don’tcha?

By the way, if that were true, I’d weigh about 100lbs.

The Moderates Step Forward

Going back to my earlier observations about the fucking Marxists Social Democrats wanting to “unify the country”, we have this latest little contribution from one of the so-called “moderates” among the Democrat Clown Show:

Amy Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language of U.S.

Very few public statements by today’s politicians makes me want to pack a picnic lunch, grab my Mauser and head for a tall building in D.C., but this certainly ranks in the top five.

I remember once, in one of my more fevered rants passim, saying this about language in this country:

  • Always — always — insist on speaking, and being spoken to in English, regardless of circumstance.  If the other guy continues to scream at you in Spanish, respond with random Spanish expressions such as “Tierra del Fuego!”  or my favorite, “Huevos y putas!”.  If being yelled at in Ebonics, simply say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Zulu”.

Nothing divides a populace quicker and more decisively than not being able to understand what the other guy is saying, especially if bi- or multilingualism is being mandated by law.  It doesn’t work in Canada, it doesn’t work in Belgium, and it sure as hell never worked in South Africa.   In fact, everywhere bilingualism is tried, it does nothing but cause friction, enmity and in some cases, violence.

As far as I’m concerned, when a politician running for public office makes such a suggestion, it should result in automatic disqualification by their parent party.  And if that party refuses to do so, then it should face legal consequences.

I don’t care if Fernando Castro, Hua Li, Abu Hassam or any other escapees from the world’s shithole countries feel “left out” or “excluded” when they go to the DMV and can’t get anyone to talk to them, or who face incarceration because they couldn’t read the laws of this country.  Learn the language — English — or GTFO.

Not A Chance In Hell

Quoth some Democrat “strategist”:

“This has got to be an election fundamentally about Democrats’ vision for bringing the country together and solving the big problems that confront us.”

Really?  This from a party which [deep breath]:

  • encourages urban unrest through its paramilitary Antifa movement
  • thinks voters for The Other Party are rubes, racists and “deplorable”
  • supports “open borders” (i.e. unlimited immigration) and calls those who don’t “racists” and “white supremacists”
  • resists ICE when they try to deport violent illegal immigrants
  • supports early release of violent felons from prison
  • supports Marxist electoral candidates and socialist/communist doctrine, in a nation which won the Cold War against that precise set of principles, and despite the obvious failures and appalling death tolls in all Communist nations since 1917
  • supports infanticide and unlimited abortion rights despite those being incredibly unpopular with the majority of Americans
  • wants to disarm the American population, despite Constitutional protection and (once again) massive popular support for private gun ownership
  • espouses insane social philosophies and policies such as gender-swapping surgery and gender-reassignment treatment for children
  • has Congressional representatives who ignore (and in some cases, even support) Muslim terrorism and the organizations which perform it
  • supports high taxation and increased government spending, when it is obvious that most Americans hate both
  • believes that climate catastrophe is imminent, excoriates all science (and scientists) that disproves their belief, and is willing to sacrifice both national- and personal prosperity to further their goals
  • thinks that America is still a fundamentally racist country
  • believes that international problems are mostly the fault of America, and supports diplomatic appeasement and accommodation of malevolent nations such as Communist China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela (to name but a few)
  • demands First Amendment protection for themselves, while actively denying it to anyone who opposes their philosophy
  • continues to support failed education policies like Common Core
  • denies school choice to parents when those choices include non-state school education
  • refuses to allow failing and incompetent schoolteachers to be fired because of entrenched union opposition
  • allows radical college administrations to suppress any contrary positions to their own
  • supports radical feminism and its lunatic (and un-Constitutional) positions such as #BelieveAllWomen and similar policies which would deny the accused their right to a fair trial
  • has, through its adherents in the federal bureaucracy, attempted a coup against an elected President
  • has the support of a mainstream media which continues to excuse and obscure all wrongdoing perpetrated by Democrats;  and invents, magnifies and exaggerates the same for any organization or person who opposes them even marginally
  • sincerely believes in tropes such as “toxic masculinity”, Arab-inspired blood-libel of Israelis, and “climate catastrophe”
  • will attempt to enact “climate-friendly” legislation and regulations which will hobble America and indeed the entire Western world’s economies, while giving a pass to the major sources of global pollution:  China, India and the rest of the Third World
  • wants to resurrect ObamaCare and take it to nationalized “single-payer” medical care
  • will end America’s energy independence by outlawing fracking, construction of pipelines, destruction of the coal industry altogether and ending nuclear power generation.

There are more, but I think everyone gets the idea.  And if you think I’m inventing or exaggerating this behavior, feel free to study all California’s legislation and regulations enacted since 1990, or NYFC’s Mayor DeBlasio’s ditto.

Here are just a few pictures which encapsulate the incoherence in modern “progressive” thought:

And I’m not making this stuff up.  Look at the numbers in the chart below:

Considering that all the above are largely threats coming from Democrat politicians, supporters and Democrat-controlled organizations, explain this to me:

How will the Democrat / Socialist Democratic Party ever “bring the country together”?

The simple answer is:  they can’t, and they don’t want to.  Their entire philosophy is predicated on the Marxist principle of the class struggle;  and if they don’t have an economic class struggle (as in the U.S.A., where prosperity is the rule and not the exception), they will invent  another class struggle against a different enemy, e.g. “White Patriarchy”, “White Supremacists”, “Racists” or “The 1%” (to name but some), even if their own leaders  belong to said groups in one way or another.  This quite apart from their actual  opponents, e.g. conservatives and Trump supporters, whom they demonize with such exaggeration that reconciliation is quite impossible..

In other words, the Democrat Party thrives on disunity, and all their actions and policies are designed to exacerbate and not reduce it.  So their stated desire to bring the country together is just another political lie, and it’s nothing more than a transparent ploy to try to win the 2020 election.