How About Both?

The bony Ann takes issue with POTUS nailing Iran, suggesting that there are bigger fish to fry.

While I take her point — and it’s a good one — I certainly feel that we as a nation are capable of doing both.  To use Insty’s expression:  La Coulter (and POTUS) should embrace the healing power of “and”, i.e planting minefields along our southern border while dropping guided missiles onto sundry evil Iranians.

Somebody buy that girl a plate of pasta.

The Ultimate Long-Distance Rifle

As I posted yesterday, I’m going to be setting up a fund to buy and then ship a high-quality long-distance rifle and scope to some lucky guy.  Here are the details (and if you enter, please follow them faithfully):

  1. You can only make one $40* donation per household, and only $40.  More than $40, and I’ll send the surplus to Greenpeace.  Believe me on this.  If you send me two checks, one for yourself and one for your “brother”, the checks had better be in two different names and addresses, or the second goes to Greenpeace.  Husband & wife get no exception.  One entry per household.  Don’t test me.
  2. Checks or money orders only, with your current address listed — I need the paper trail — to the sooper-seekrit mailing address (6009 W. Parker Rd #149-141, Plano TX 75093), made out to Kim du Toit.  Make sure the “Note” on the check says ULD Rifle 2020 and your website ID (if you have one) so I know it’s for the rifle and not just a donation.  By sending me a check, you agree that I can publish your name / ID (but not address) as the winner.
  3. The drawing will be notarized, i.e. performed by a third party and witnessed by a notary public or some such official, to keep this kosher and the ATF happy.
  4. I get to pick the rifle, and the scopeand what I get will depend on how much I get in donations.  The winner gets what I picked out, and no whimpering or complaining.  (Sheesh… you’ll be getting a fine long-distance setup for $40.)
  5. It will be chambered in .3x caliber, so that I can get better results past the 400-yard mark (from experience, the smaller 6.5x55mm bullet gets blown around a little too much for consistent accuracy at 400+ distances — and the wind always  blows at Boomershoot).  It will most likely be in .308 Win or thereabouts, but I’m not ruling out .300 Win Mag and the like, if I can get a decent deal.
  6. If there’s a surplus from buying the set, I’ll round off the amount to the nearest couple of dollars by setting aside some for the postage, packaging and such.  If there’s still more left over, I’ll use it to defray some of my travel costs (it’s a six-day roundtrip drive ugh), if that’s okay with everyone.
  7. The winner will be notified personally before the result is posted, and I’ll also add a certificate of the “provenance”.
  8. The gun and scope will be shipped to your FFLeven in the state of Texas.  (That paper trail thing, again.)
  9. My family are prohibited from entering, as are Doc Russia, Combat Controller and Tech Support II.
  10. Remember, I’ll be shooting it at Boomershoot 2020 It may come to you with a scratch or two.  Deal with it.
  11. Regrettably, I can only make this work in the United States As much as it would delight me to ship this equipment off to a GFW country, it ain’t gonna happen.  Sorry.  If you send me a check from England or Japan, the money will get passed on to Greenpeace.  Don’t test me.
  12. Whatever rifle I get, it will be legal in all 50 states.  For that reason, I won’t be getting an AR-10 HB or anything that could be classed as an “assault” rifle (not that I would, anyway).  If your state bans “sniper rifles” during the interim period, however, you’ll be SOL, and I’ll have to make another drawing.  I’m not going to break any gun laws on this, no matter how stupid I think they are.
  13. I reserve the right to close the fund at any time, when I judge that the fund has reached an acceptable level.  Judging from the popularity of the idea the last time I did this, I’m going to set an arbitrary shut-off date of January 31, 2020 but I also reserve the right to extend the date too.
  14. Conversely, if I don’t get enough money to buy a really decent rig, I’ll just close the fund, refund your donations and go with what I’ve got.  I don’t want to do that.

Obviously, this is open to anyone, not just Readers, so if you have a friend, relative or neighbor who fancies his luck, have at it — but via a separate check, or else Greenpeace gets the surplus and he gets nada.

If this idea gets really popular, I might make it an annual event.

*One last thing:  the old raffle tickets only cost $20, but at that time I had about ten times the daily readership that I have today, PLUS I don’t have to tell you what’s happened to the price of guns in the past dozen-odd years.  [20,000-word rant deleted]

If you wanna blame someone, blame Has-Been President Obama and the other Commies for driving up demand with their stupid threats of confiscation.

Reality Cheque

Finally, someone has got it right about Brexit:

Although the past three years have seen torrents of ink spilled about the implications for Britain, there has been very little commentary about the consequences for the EU.

On January 31, the EU will lose its second-largest economy, after Germany, and the fifth-largest economy in the world, representing about 13 per cent of its total GDP. It will lose its third most populous state, its most important military power and a significant source of diplomatic and cultural influence.

Yup.  As the man said, follow the money — and foreign investment is pouring into London, not into Paris, Frankfurt, or Brussels.  Especially not Brussels.

Face it:  an independent Britain has only one sick economy to worry about (Scotland).  The post-Brexit EU has the basket cases of Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and… Ireland to worry about.  And, as Sandbrook points out, without Britain’s economy and just as importantly, Britain’s annual “member contribution” of about $10 billion.

But most of all, the Brits are feeling like what one of my Brit buddies said in reply to my email wishing him a Happy Brexit Year:

“Brexit — the air’s cleaner over here now that cloud has been lifted!”

And Mr. Free Market’s opinion of the threats of independence from Scotland is even more succinct:

I think things are going to be just fine, Over There.


Like most Olde Pharttes, I don’t expect much for Christmas in the way of presents;  frankly, I’m quite happy if the kids can just tear themselves away from their jobs to spend the holiday with us — and this year, they did — so presents, per se, are just a bonus.

Nevertheless, I scored big this year (please excuse the pic quality):  a new 1911 holster (first in well over a decade) from El Paso Saddlery:

…and an interesting-looking knife made by Ed Mehler (note the Damascus Tanto blade): 

I think we can all agree that happiness can always be found in family, and in the shape of assorted weaponry.

Social Dictionary

Ambrose Bierce would heartily approve of this iteration of his own Devil’s Dictionary.  A sample:

* “OK, Boomer” – popular, reflexive and mentally-flabby retort of retarded children who cannot formulate a proper or logical response to an argument, question or premise. A sign of belonging to a group known collectively as “Millennials” whose main attributes include oversized thumbs, limited intelligence, hysteria, extensive knowledge of modern technology but inability to use a rotary phone, can opener or rake, hair-trigger cry reflex, navel gazing, overly-high self-value acquired through a program of low expectations, and a belief that everyone gives a flying fuck about what they’re eating at any given moment.

Much more goodness at the first link above.  (Oh, and if you don’t have a copy of Bierce’s Dictionary, hie thee to the second  link and remedy that unpardonable omission immediately.  For only 99c on Kindle… please.)

Useful Stuff

One of the things I hate about rifle practice is the inability to see clearly the bullet strikes on the target (unless using expensive Shoot-N-C targets) — and even more, scanning / photographing and recording the results for, say, posting here.  Step forward, this neat item:


    • 300 yard range
    • High Definition at 960P
    • Adjustable Wi-Fi transmitter
    • Built-in, locking cantilever
    • Cantilever has 90º tilt-n-lock, and rotation for line of sight
    • Wi-Fi transmitter LED indicator for power and signal strength
    • Easy on/off switch
    • Wi-Fi independent charging system
    • 1/4″ standard camera tripod mount (tripod not included)
    • Built-in camera sun-shade
    • LED illumination for low light conditions
    • Flip up telescoping legs for angled use 15º to 25º
    • Base has serrated gripping feet for level use
    • Weather resistant construction
    • Green identifying highlights

Download the free Bullseye Target Manager App to your mobile device (available on GooglePlay or Apple App Store) to seamlessly pair to the Target Camera System on-board Wi-Fi to view shot placement in real time!

I don’t have the two hundred bucks spare to buy this thing right now, but others might.  (And there are longer-range ones also available at Midway.)

Anyone know anything about this particular gizmo?

(Standard disclaimer:  I don’t get any compensation, cash or otherwise, for doing stuff like this — damn it.)