News Roundup

Short takes on Da Nooz:

1) Presidential hopeful Pete Buttplug indicated he is open to the idea of raising the legal age for firearm purchases  —  Cool.  As long as he also supports raising the voting age by the same number.

2) Venezuelan dictator Maduro announced late Monday that he would order “surprise” war games to plan for attacks against the United States on a “permanent” basisso basically, he’s copying California and D.C., except they’re not playing.

3) Portland Police Bureau are seeking the public’s help in identifying four Antifa members who took part in a recent protest in the city where police officers and civilians were attacked  —  and a prediction:  one day these little fascist fucks are going to threaten or beat the wrong guy, and get shot in the faceOn that day, I will publish a report of the incident under “Righteous Shootings”.

4) Paki Rape Gang Sentenced To Jail Terms  —  instead of being taken out behind the courthouse and shot in the back of the neck, unfortunately.

5) EU Wants To Keep Plundering Britain’s Fishing Waters  —  OR, the Brits can just send out their new aircraft carrier for “practice war games” and sink every EU ship it comes across.  It’s not like the Euros could do anything about it, not one of them having a deepwater navy.

6) Noted Homophobe Trump Appoints Homo As DNI  —  so much for that little Lefty talking point(Of course, he’s the wrong kind of homo, being conservative, hence the howls of protest from the Hair On Fire Party.)

7) CanuckiPM Girlyman Has No Clue —  no surprises there, especially as he secretly supports their protests.

and finally:

8) Eating a big breakfast could help you burn double the amount of calories than if you eat a larger meal at dinner  —  y’all know what to do now, don’tcha?

By the way, if that were true, I’d weigh about 100lbs.


…which stands for “Not In My Backyard”.  The expression is usually reserved for people like the Kennedys who are all cool about wind power as long as the turbines aren’t located off the Kennedy rat’s nest compound in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Today, however, we look at the term in its more positive sense.  Over at The American Thinker, Bill Gensert talks about the coming political violence when Trump gets reelected to POTUS in the 2020 election.  While what he says is quite plausible, he does utter a basic truth:

Notice there were no Antifa at Trump’s Texas rally [last week].  I wonder why?  I’m joking, I know why.  It’s because Antifa is comprised of cowardly children playing dress-up and preying on the weak.  For those with sociopathic tendencies, it’s fun to punch people who won’t punch, back but unlike in Minneapolis, Ilhan Omar’s stronghold, Texas would have slaughtered them.

Yup.  Some dweeb was arrested while wearing body armor and carrying bear spray, but word is that he was there just in case anyone from the Pantifa Brigade showed up.

It is, as they say, to LOL.  Trump’s audience at the rally was massive — people waited for over a day just to be able to get into the venue — but what was really impressive was that at least twice that number of people stayed outside the arena to hear what he was saying via loudspeakers.

I have absolutely no idea of the truth of this, but I wonder just how many of them were (legally) carrying guns?  Hours before Trump even touched down at DFW, all the local radio hosts were telling people that the place was already full;  so people knew they wouldn’t be getting into the arena but showed up anyway.  I’m willing to bet that a goodly number of the crowd outside were armed, knowing that they wouldn’t have to go through security in the streets outside.

But no Pantifa showed up in Dallas.  I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

What We Face

As we conservatives gird up to face what would destroy us and our beloved country, consider this article a warning.

Under a prevalent view that has emerged from universities in recent years, a wrong opinion is seen as tantamount to a thrown punch or even an indication of a willingness to genocide—which invites the idea that an offended party who throws a real punch (or worse) is simply acting in self-defense. This idea has become so pervasive and is so taken-for-granted at this point that even workaday journalists now pay homage to this academic conceit in their work.

Who defines what constitutes a “wrong” opinion?  (Hint: it isn’t you.)  Read the whole disgusting thing.

And as a wise man once said:

“Of course, the game the Left has always played is to use violence as a pretext to impose their preferred policies. We’ve had waves of left-wing violence since the Obama administration, all intended to elicit a response. Those responses are used to justify what amounts to political terrorism.”.

Feel free to see what people think, here.

Damn, and I was only at the range a couple days ago, practicing with a sniper rifle.

Well, if you’ll excuse me… that 1911 isn’t going to shoot itself.  Maybe it’s also time for a little AK practice, too.

Gloves Off

So here’s a cute little thing on Twatter:

What amuses me is that the people who post shit like this are not going to be the ones throwing bricks.

Okay.  So if you’re going to resort to hurling dangerous-if-not-lethal objects at us, then you’ll have no problem with us using dangerous-if-not-lethal bullets against you?

I repeat, for the umpteenth time:  are you Leftist lunatics absolutely sure  you want to start down this road?