Irony Alert

So former supermodel Elle McPherson is dating a doctor.  Ordinarily, I would not care, and nor should any sentient human being.  But this is not just any doctor, oh no — as the Daily Mail  breathlessly informs us:

Elle Macpherson, 54, is dating discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield, 60, a driving force behind the anti-vaxxer movement when his debunked theory linked the childhood MMR jab to autism

…and of course there’s a pic:

…which makes me think:  while I certainly do not wish any harm on the Oz bint, wouldn’t be wonderfully ironic if by kissing this charlatan, she contracted a serious yet preventable disease?

(Side note:  kissing with eyes open? eewwww)


Monday Funnies

Yup, Monday’s come calling again:

And so, on to the funnies:

Now that the World Cup 2018 is over, we can sum up about the U.S. attitude towards the game:

And for the Monday Morning Beauty Pick-Me-Up, Salma Hayek:


Not Wise

With all due respect to the God-Emperor, I would suggest that giving a million bucks to the Communist Party of the USA is a Bad Idea.  A better idea would be to offer to give the money to the Indian tribe with which her DNA is affiliated.