Monday Funnies

Oh nooooooooooooooo it’s Monday…

So get better with these:

Nice to know they care… and speaking of caring:

I think we’ve all been there.

And speaking of idiots:

And finally:

And for our Monday morning pick-me-up:


Apparently, some cartoonist is in trouble for, well, drawing a cartoon (and his newspaper has, quite rightly, stood up for him).  Said cartoon,  which, like ALL cartoons, exaggerates the target’s features, has caused him to receive a storm of hate mail and even death threats because racism.  So in solidarity with Mark Knight and because fuck PC censorship, I’m publishing his cartoon here:

Let the fainting, pearl-clutching and hate mail begin.  As for death threats… LOL.

Here are a couple of other Knight cartoons which could have caused a similar response from conservatives, but didn’t (because we have a sense of humor, unlike the Perpetually-Aggrieved).

I love his cartoons of former OzPM, the lefty Welsh-born Julia Gillard:

I can’t wait to see the hate mail from gingers, people with big noses and of course the Sheep-Shaggers.


Delayed Monday Funnies

I trust that y’all have recovered from the long weekend’s excesses:

And if not, here are a couple things to help you face the rest of the week:

  (this is for all the schoolteachers out there)

And this one just never gets old:

Now go and get yer lady to make you some breakfast…


You would have to have a heart of stone not to burst into delighted laughter at this story:

Last weekend, the man told his wife he was going out drinking with work colleagues, when in reality he was travelling to a motel on the outskirts of town.

Now go read the rest.