Cutting Humor

Ol’ Diogenes has a little fun at the expense of the Brits:

Here in America we worry about democrats trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Over in England, Royal subjects are not allowed to have guns so Brits run around stabbing each other, which prompted the government to take away knife ownership rights. Naturally British thugs have to move on to carrying something else lethal.

Or, as we put it:

That’s a badass-lookin’ Bowie, by the way, although I prefer my Fox (with 1911 to give the proper proportion of the thing):

One wonders what the Regents Park Plod would make of that?  (Oh, and I have no rusty spoons in my possession, so I’d be okay — see link for explanation.)

Monday Funnies

Ooooohhhhh Monday morning…

So to help banish the Monday hangover jitters:

Another one of my drinking heroes:

And finally for my Lady Readers, a cautionary tale about operating machinery when drunk:

Speaking of ladies, here’s Wonder Woman in civvies:

Have a good week, y’all.

AIDS Cure Found In Dolphin Livers

Okay, nothing quite reaches that  finding on the Kim Irony Scale, but this one sure comes close:

Cleaner waterways in New York City have attracted more sea life, including seals, dolphins, whales, and sharks in bigger numbers than seen in a century.
Sadly, many don’t survive the trip — there are also more mammals washing ashore or getting stranded.
Cases of beached whales have surged statewide, from 22 in 2009-2013 to 41 from 2014-2018, data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows.
In the city, Breezy Point in Queens has become the top place for beached whales, with two dead humpbacks being discovered there in 2018, according to the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society.
A third whale found last year was hauled off the beach in Jamaica Bay in September.

So Greenies, what’s it gonna be:

  • dirty water / no dead whales on the beach, or
  • sparkly-clean water / dead whales all over the place?

I’ll be over there in the corner, laughing my ass off.

Monday Funnies

Egads… yup, the weekend’s over, back to work we go:

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

But for a little leavening humor:

…which immediately reminded me of this old pic:

…and speaking of fingers:

But let’s get back to educational stuff:

And harking back to that first pic, let’s keep our cars clean, shall we?