5 Worst Iconic Artists

Inexplicably popular, revered by critics, nobody seems to have realized that these iconic emperors had not a single stitch of clothing between them.  Some have drawn my ire on these here pages before, but there are others.  So, ranked in order of artistic nudity:

  • Marlon Brando (Method mumbling)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (squeaky voice and horrible acting not fully redeemed by large breasts)
  • Johnny Cash (bass monotone;  probably the smallest vocal range of any singer ever)
  • Jackson Pollock (gaudy splashes masquerading as Art)
  • Frank Sinatra (couldn’t hit a note with a baseball bat;  should have quit singing in about 1958)

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5 Worst TV Shows (By Today’s PC Standards)

None of these TV shows could be made today because #NetworkCowardice.   Ranked from “Least” Offensive to “OMG I Need Counseling!”:

  • The Bob Newhart Show (makes fun of mental illness / psychoses, plus airline pilot Howard is a serial seducer / rapist)
  • Dukes Of Hazzard (OMG Confederate Flag Warning!)
  • Tom ‘n Jerry cartoons  (all that violence, sexism and animal cruelty)
  • Benny Hill (sexism, male chauvinism / piggery, etc.)
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus (sample):
    “I don’t like darkies!”
    “Hahahaha… she doesn’t like darkies… who does?

…and a special Dishonorable Mention for female stereotyping:

  • How To Marry A Millionaire

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Friday Night Movie

I’ve known about Katie Hopkins for many years now, but I was astonished to learn that few people outside the U.K. have any idea who she is.  Whatever you think of her, nobody can deny her courage and guts, and her willingness to say what’s right regardless of whether it’s popular.

Time to rectify all that, so get a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink or two of your choice, and settle in as she beseeches the U.S. not to become like the U.K.

I have to tell you all, she makes me ashamed that I’ve not been more active and more vocal;  so starting next week you may see a lot more of the Old Kim — more angry, more vocal and more… well, more like the guy who helped start the Nation Of Riflemen and National Ammo Day.

There will be more harsh commentary, more invective, and a LOT more guns.  You have been warned.