Friday Night Movies

I have to admit to a secret addiction:  watching the election results of November 2016, most especially this half-hour summary.

Watch as the presenters manfully try to suppress their growing dismay at the inevitability of God-Emperor Trump’s election, and giggle like a little girl at the “We’ve lost but I don’t have the balls to tell you that!”  speech of Hillary Bitch Clinton’s lickspittle weasel campaign manager, John Podesta.

Of course, there are other wonderful videos to watch, and as a public service I’ve added a couple more, for your delectation:

“Trump Can’t Win” — a retrospective gloatfest

Liberal assholes’ stunned meltdown — “Get your abortions now!”, “This was a Whitelash!”, “You’re awake, by the way; you’re not having a terrible, terrible dream,” etc.

Enjoy, enjoy… and feel free to add your own links in Comments.

5 Worst Sex Manuals

Ranked in ascending order of awful:

  • The Antifa Guide To Lovemaking
  • Pulling The Train Without Pain, 3rd edition (Kamala Harris)
  • Rockstar Sex (Nancy Pelosi)
  • Six Great Foreplay Tricks (Hillary Clinton) (illustrated)
  • Helping Uncle José To His Happy Ending (4th Grade Textbook, Los Angeles County School District)

Your suggestions in Comments.