Not Guilty

So the MAGA-inspired attack on that actor turns out to have been staged, for whatever (I don’t care which) reason.  Predictably, when the thing was first publicized, the fucking Lefty media were all over it — right up until it was proven false.  Then we got shit like the following, with the inevitable (and splendid) rejoinder:

Has anyone else noticed that every time one of us MAGA people has been accused of a hate crime, it turns out that the entire episode was either a put-up job (as above), a complete fabrication (e.g. “slashed hijab”), or self-inflicted with no witnesses (e.g. “hateful graffiti”)?

One would almost think that the Left was playing the whole thing to advance their various agenda… Reichstag  fire, anyone?

Crime Update

With all this matrimonial nonsense, I forgot to post an update on an earlier Bad Thing.

Loyal Readers will recall that a few weeks back, Doc Russia’s Doom Wagon was stolen from outside the hospital where he was working.

Among the contents:  a semi-automatic rifle, a Glock and his emergency medical bag.

Less than a week later, the Doom Wagon was found undamaged (other than the window broken to gain access).  Missing was the medical kit, the Glock and the jerrycans of gas attached to the rear door.  The rifle had been undiscovered, and was still in its hidden compartment.

Four days later the Glock was recovered, still unfired, at a crime scene.

Of course, the medic bag was gone (Doc is still hoping the thieves shot up the Lidocaine in their enclosed syringes — it’s mortally toxic when thus administered).

Nevertheless, the Wagon has been completely fixed up and is now in its original condition other than with the addition of various anti-theft devices (which I may not describe for legal reasons).

A round of applause for the Dallas P.D. is called for.


You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh hysterically (as I did) at this report:

Footage released by the hunt saboteurs shows several people standing in front of a van, blocking it from leaving.
A man wearing a baseball cap appears to threaten the occupants with a pool cue, as they shout: ‘Oi, you’re on camera.’
A woman in a red hoodie jabs her finger at the sabs and says: ‘Dirty f****** scum, you’re not going nowhere.’
A man inside the van can be heard desperately calling police for help and tells the operator they are being boxed in by hunt supporters wielding pool cues.

Lemme see: when hunt saboteurs (“sabs” — how cute) break the law, trespass on private property, try to pull hunters from their horses and scatter pepper in the noses of the dogs, it’s all “right to protest” / “save the animals” etc.  But when their violence results in violence against them in retaliation, they’re all “Oh please, P.C. Plod, please please please  come and rescue us!”

The woman in the red hoodie had it right:  they’re dirty fucking scum.


Quick Question

This one’s for the BritGov.

So, about that law you have which prevents law-abiding Brits from buying or owning handguns… how’s it doing to reduce handgun ownership and usage Over There?

Not too well?  You mean, only criminals  are getting their hands on the things?  And wait… don’t tell me… they’re shooting people and committing crimes and such?

Well, paint me  pink and call me Rosie.  Who could have foreseen such a thing?

Defending The Indefensible

This was written in 2014.  I sincerely doubt whether it could be published today without an outbreak of total mass hysteria.

Which is why I’m posting the link, as well as a representative sample:

The Constitution allows a defendant to make three crucial decisions in his case. He decides whether to plea guilty or not guilty. He decides whether to have a bench trial or a jury trial. He decides whether he will testify or whether he will remain silent. A client who insists on testifying is almost always making a terrible mistake, but I cannot stop him.
Most blacks are unable to speak English well. They cannot conjugate verbs. They have a poor grasp of verb tenses. They have a limited vocabulary. They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Many, when they testify, show a complete lack of empathy and are unable to conceal a morality based on the satisfaction of immediate, base needs. This is a disaster, especially in a jury trial. Most jurors are white, and are appalled by the demeanor of uneducated, criminal blacks.

And then there’s this:

This inability to see things from someone else’s perspective helps explain why there are so many black criminals. They do not understand the pain they are inflicting on others. One of my robbery clients is a good example. He and two co-defendants walked into a small store run by two young women. All three men were wearing masks. They drew handguns and ordered the women into a back room. One man beat a girl with his gun. The second man stood over the second girl while the third man emptied the cash register. All of this was on video.
My client was the one who beat the girl. When he asked me, “What are our chances at trial?” I said, “Not so good.” He immediately got angry, raised his voice, and accused me of working with the prosecution. I asked him how he thought a jury would react to the video. “They don’t care,” he said. I told him the jury would probably feel deeply sympathetic towards these two women and would be angry at him because of how he treated them. I asked him whether he felt bad for the women he had beaten and terrorized. He told me what I suspected—what too many blacks say about the suffering of others: “What do I care? She ain’t me. She ain’t kin. Don’t even know her.”

As so many have said before of this attitude:  “You can take the African out of Africa, but…”  I prefer to think of it as “Africa Wins Again;  Just Not In Africa.”

Read the whole thing.  The observations made by the writer are based on years and years of experience, and are not his opinion.

Afterthought:  Just so we’re clear about the whole thing:  this attitude isn’t confined to Blacks (see here);  it just seems to be more prevalent.

Broken Bones

In response to the scourge of “moped thieves” (louts who rob people, often violently, then speed off on little — stolen — 50cc scooters and motorbikes), London’s Metropolitan Police have instituted a policy of “chase and knock down” — in effect, chasing after said thieves, then ramming them with their cars if the criminals refuse to stop.  To the surprise of nobody, this has been extraordinarily effective in getting arrests.

[pause to allow the cheering and applause to subside, on both sides of the Atlantic]

Of course, knocking some little scrote off a moving motorcycle can cause injury, and has.  (Okay, you can knock off those catcalls and jeers now, my ears are hurting.)

And predictably, the Usual Suspects are wailing that this is Crool & Hartless, and Nobody Deserves This Rough Treatment, etc. etc. etc.  You’ve heard all this nonsense before.

If you follow the above link however, do not miss the Comments section below the article.  And in case you don’t have time to go over to the Mail‘s website, here are but a few of my favorites:

“Forgive me if I see violent criminals being injured as a bonus.”
“I’m just disappointed they’re not reversing back over them.”
“I don’t care if they suffer breaks to all the bones in their bodies. Quite frankly who cares?”
“Good job. Don’t stop.”
“Who cares about dead robbers? The more the merrier!” — and from one man who could well have been one of my Loyal Readers:
“Don’t chase them, very dangerous, use snipers!”

And here’s the reason for the anger and vitriol.  Most of these larcenous little fuckers (and they’re almost all teenagers, by the way) have little problem in using violence to rob people, whether the weapons are hammers, clubs or machetes — imagine having your arm nearly sliced off just so that some little shit can take your iPhone — which is why the public, if the commenters at the Daily Mail  are at all representative, are so angry about all this.

Furthermore, the use of mopeds means that these armed robbers can roam all over London — meaning that nowhere is “safe” anymore — thus this kind of crime can affect literally anyone in the street, and it is:  from grannies to housewives to toffs and to other teenagers, all are potential victims.

No wonder people are cheering.