“Oh Kim,”  my Lady Readers moan, “you’re always showing boobs and beautiful women and such for the men;  how about a couple of pics for us girls?”

As I have no idea what makes a man attractive to women — or to be more concise, I have no idea how a woman’s mind works when it comes to what moistens their panties — I thought long and hard about this request.  I happen to know the preferences of a scant few of my Lady Readers because on occasion they’ve let it slip in Comments and emails.

Here’s one for Lady Reader TrueBrit, for example:

But even then I may have got it wrong.  Does she prefer the grizzled (mature) Pitt in the above picture, or is she still into “mothering” (for want of a better word) the Brad Pitt in the Legends Of The Fall era?

Or what about the middle era, in say, Ocean’s 11?

I have no idea.

Similarly, there’s perennial favorite Sean Connery.  How is anyone to know which version of Sean will cause a loosening of a lady’s panty elastic marital vows?

Don’t even get me started on Clinty…

And no doubt I’ll get some flak for having omitted someone like this Flavor-Of-The-Month:

Men are just so much easier to please…

Artistic Gingers

As Longtime Readers know, I have a stalking obsession errr weakness okay soft spot (so to speak) for ladies of the red-haired persuasion.

Ordinarily, then, I would post pics of sundry redheads below, of wondrous pulchritude and in varying degrees of undress.

Not today.  Today we’re going all cultural and artistic and stuff.

At least one famous artist has shared my fascination for gingers, in this case Austrian Secessionist supremo Gustav Klimt.  Here are a few excerpts from various of his paintings:

Consider yourselves artistically enriched.

Oh okay, you philistines;  here’s a ginger of a more recent vintage:

I think ol’ Gustav would have approved…

Back When

I remember doing some “research” (i.e. looking at pics of beautiful women) for another post in the distant past, when I stumbled upon the wondrous Jeanne Carmen and promptly included her in the post.  In so doing, of course, I saved up a few other pics for future scrutiny… and here they are:

No need to thank me;  it’s all part of the service.

Hairstyles, Again

Most actresses adopt a “look” when they become famous, and they pretty much stick to it as it becomes their identifying feature — e.g. Veronica Lake’s hair falling over her eye:

However, the exquisite Anne Baxter was not one of those;  in fact, one of her trademarks was to change her hairstyle often (not just to fit the movie role she was playing, either).  I’ll leave it to others to decide which worked and which didn’t, because whatever she did, nothing seemed to affect her flawless beauty.

Anne Baxter


Then there was Anne being coquettishly sexy:

Her most famous pic was actually a mistake:  only after it was released did everyone realize that the hairstyle wasn’t the point [sic] of the photo:

I know, I know… I just broke one of the cardinal rules of my blog.  Don’t care.  Enjoy.


I have written before about how I can get confused by well-known women who either look like each other or who have similar-sounding names (follow the links for a full and ahem scientific explanation).

Here’s another one.  There are two well-known women (“well-known” in the pages of the Daily Mail at least) who confuse me utterly — until, that is, I see their picture.  They have the same last name (Rose) with first names of Ruby and Demi, respectively, and thus confuse me utterly if I’m just reading text (“Now which one is that?”).  An easy difficulty to encounter, I think we can all agree, especially as neither seems to have done anything of note (e.g. won an Oscar, found a cure for cancer or married a member of some royal family).

Once you see pictures of said Roses, however, it becomes a lot easier, because Ruby looks like this:


…while Demi looks quite different:


Of course, to me they both look (and from what I can tell, behave) like prostitutes;  but while Ruby actually has a more  interesting face, at least Demi isn’t covered with ink:


But it’s all a question of personal preference, of course, and yours may well differ from mine.  Right now, all I have to remember is:  Ruby = tattoos, Demi = curves, and that’s how I can keep them differentiated.