Random Totty

As far as I can make out, this creature became famous by watching TV, on TV.  (I know, let’s hear it for that “quality” Brit TV we keep hearing about.)  It seems as though Scarlett Moffat was quite plump back then:

…but she has since lost quite a bit of weight — thankfully, not in the wrong places — and now looks quite appetizing:

From all accounts, Miss Scarlett’s brain operates on the level of rice pudding, but that hasn’t stopped people like Sean Penn, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Alyssa Milano from being successful, so I guess it’s not relevant.

Beauties And Beasts – 5

Once again, I hear the whines:  “Oh Kim, those purty lil’ sports cars are fine an’ all… but they’re plain useless if’n you want to haul a load or sump’n.  So give us more Murkin eye candy.”

I serve to please:

…and that’s it for this series, as 2018 draws to a close.  Next Sunday there’ll be something totally different.

More About The 80s

After seeing my little tribute to Stefanie Powers, Reader Mike S. reminds me of another 80s lady, Loni Anderson, with this pic:

Aaaahhhh Jennifer from WKRP In Cincinnati, I remember her well:

She’s even good in black & white:

Feel free to add your favorite(s) of the genre, in Comments.

‘Tis A Pity She’s A Loon

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for actress Connie Britton (Cliff Notes:  red hair / freckled boobs / sensational legs ).  I first saw her in the Friday Night Lights  TV series (which, unusually for me, I enjoyed a great deal), and she was probably the milfiest MILF on TV at the time.  Viz.:


Where was I?  Oh yeah… I also saw her in Nashville, where she basically dominated every scene she was in — or maybe it was just for me, because of the red hair, freckled boobs, legs etc.

Anyway, as the title for this post suggests, she is alas a certified nutcase a.k.a. the typical Hollywood Lefty, which does take some of the allure away, but what the hell:

Definite MILF, despite the crazies.

Not As Advertised

Apparently, UK retailer ASOS has done something good:

ASOS has won praise after unveiling a dedicated clothing collection for women with a big bust.
The British online clothing giant has unveiled a new in-house range catering for women with cup sizes from size DD to G – featuring everything from work shirts to party dresses – and shoppers have been tweeting their appreciation.

So purely in the spirit of enquiry, of course, I clicked on the link (don’t bother) to see what all the fuss was about.  Naturally, there were pics of said clothing, but the models were… shall we say less than ideal?


If the goal was to depict women who will benefit from big-breasted clothes, then the one in red was marginally acceptable, perhaps, but the other was assuredly not.

I mean, really?

For the benefit of ASOS, these are the women who would benefit from such clothing:

Yer welcome.

About the last pic:  I actually know her, through a friend.  No augmentation surgery there (don’t ask).