Wonderful Women: M-Squared

As promised last week, here’s a continuation of the Marvelous Women, beginning with Ziegfeld Girl Mary Lange:

…and her Ziegfeld co-star, Myrna Darby:

Next, we have another B&W-era lady, Mary Astor:

Also, German songstress Marlene Dietrich:

…followed by Mitzi Gaynor:

Now let’s get a little more modern, shall we?  There’s Bond Girl Madeline Smith:

China Beach‘s Marg Helgenberger:

And while we’re on TV shows, here’s Weeds  hottie Mary-Louise Parker:

…about as Mom ‘N Apple Pie as you could imagine:

Did I hear calls for Italian bellissima  Monica Bellucci?  Sure, why not:

We’re running a little short of space by now, so here’s a gratuitous pic from someone cut short last week, Marilyn:

The rest will have to wait a few months… try to contain yourselves.


Apparently, Villanelle is self-conscious:

Killing Eve star Jodie Comer might be one of the most successful actresses in the world, but she admits to having insecurities on set. The 27-year-old said she struggles playing sexy characters and admits she feels most at home playing a character while make-up free.

Just so we’re all on the same page — Killing Eve  was a nice surprise;  I thought it was going to be dire — so, as a public service to any Readers who haven’t seen the show, let’s examine the evidence.  Here’s Jodie all dressed up and looking sexy:

…and here she is in her preferred style:

Lovely, both ways.

Wonderful Women: M Is For Magnificent

There is an absolute cornucopia of delectable women whose names begin with this letter, so I’ll just dive in with my favorites, one pic only each — and if your  favorite doesn’t get in there, wait for the cycle to repeat in a few months’ time.  As always, starting with the oldies, here’s Maude Fealy:

Then we have one of my all-time favorites, the kittenish Myrna Loy:

And lest I get lynched, let me not leave out Maureen O’Hara:

…or the languorous Merle Oberon:

For your perusal, here’s Martha O’Driscoll:

From a little bit later, Mara Corday:

And with that, let’s move more into the modern era with another Merle, redheaded Merle Pertile:

Have I missed anyone else from that era?  Oh yes, of course:

Hmmm… seems like I’ve hardly skimmed the surface of the Magnificents.  Anyone have a problem with me continuing the “M-catalog” next week?

Didn’t think so.


Ripped from the headlines:

I know what my Murkin Readers are wondering:  but what do her boobs really look like?  (Brit Readers already know the answer.)

I live to serve:


Former Bandmate and Longtime Friend Knob believes that Mrs. McGuinness may quite possibly have the perfect body.  Hard to disagree.

Wonderful Women: L Is For Luscious

Let’s start off with a Z, in the shape of Ziegfeld Girl Lora Foster:

And another Z-Girl, Lillian Gish (with sister Dorothy as a bonus):

Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston

About a dozen people sent me emails, threatening violence if I didn’t include Lana Turner, so here she is:

One more?  Oh, why not?

Then we have Leslie Parrish:

We’ll finish up with a couple of Texas hotties, starting with Linda Darnell:

Did I mention that she was a redhead?

And last (but definitely not least) we have the Wonder(ful) Woman for the ages, Lynda Carter:

Her “Mother Of The Year” pose:

She didn’t get much worse with age, either…

Next week, some more marvelous women…

Ginger Snaps*

Knowing that one of my (many) weaknesses happens to be redheads, Alert Reader Ken sends me this series of visions.  My favorite:

Or maybe it’s this one:

These are not your standard  moistened bints, are they? [/Monty Python]

The DM also posts this pic:

…with the rather arch (paraphrased) question:  What does this represent?

It represents that there’s a red garden of delight under the dress, you idiots.

Sheesh… and they wonder why they lost the Empire.

*It’s a pun.  “Ginger Snaps” is the brand name of a British cookie.  And like the subjects of the photos, they’re yummy.