That’s More Like It

As much as I have fun laughing at the Train Smash Women of Aintree et al., I must confess to enjoying the more classy women on display at Chester and more recently, at Goodwood this year:


…and even some of the questionable outfits were, by Aintree standards, quite restrained:

Good show, ladies:  in every respect.

More Wantonness

A while ago, I devoted a post to the concept of wanton poses, wherein women posed in unladylike fashion but without making the thing pornographic.

If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth doing again (as the actress said to the bishop), so here are a few more:

Sasha Alexander:

Salma Hayek:

Amy Smart:

Kate Beckinsale:

Carina Tyrrell:

…and in a blast from the past, Simonetta Stefanelli:

Timeless Hotness

I only ever watched the first three seasons of the Brit TV time-travel series Outlander  (following the “Most TV Series Suck After Season 3” hypothesis), but I have to admit, Catriona Balfe could have tempted me back for a few more:

And here she is in modern clothing:

As Time Passes (2)

Last week I showed how Christina Robinson grew up from a beautiful child into a gorgeous young woman.  Today continues the theme, only this time it starts with a gorgeous young woman, and shows how the passage of time has changed her.  It’s Ali McGraw:

And here she is, taken recently at age 78:

Mercifully, Ali hasn’t gone with the cosmetic surgery thing, and you know what?  She’s still beautiful.

Other women of her vintage went under the knife and emerged looking like grotesque gargoyles, with stretched, shiny faces that resemble cartoons (and no, I’m not going to post any of those pics because I want to be able to have breakfast sometime today).

It just goes to show that often, if you’re truly beautiful then you’ll age beautifully.  Like Ali.