Wonderful Women: C Is For Comely

Let’s start with Christina Applegate:

…all growed up from her Kelly Bundy years:

And of course there’s the other  Christina, still driving men mad:

Now let’s go across The Pond, for Claire Forlani:

…and still Over There, we have Claire Goose, who could waken anyone from the dead:

(photographer: Graham Steans)

And dipping over into La Bella Italia, we have una bella Italiana, Claudia Cardinale:


Till next week….

Wonderful Women: B Is For Bodacious

Let’s begin with our most recognizable B-Girl, Betty Brosmer:

Now for a quick cool-down, Barbara Stanwyck:

Some cool-down.  Anyway, if we’re going to go that route, then Brigitte Bardot:

(Photo by Cattani/Getty Images)

Okay, that’s enough of Mlle. Bardot.  Time for someone else, someone more modern, more demure.  Someone like Barbara Mori:


(Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

Like I said, more demure.  Moving on, we have the owner of the sexiest eyes ever to appear on screen, former Bond Girl Barbara Bouchet:

The rest of her was quite toothsome, too:


And in a nod to last week’s pic of Anita Ekberg:

That’s enough of the Killer Bs.  Till next week…

Wonderful Women: A Is For Apple

Let’s kick this thing off with Ava Gardner, shall we?

Item #2:  Ziegfeld Girl Anna Buckley

Getting a little more up to date, from Varsity Blues, Amy Smart:

…and her rival in the movie, Ali Larter:

Next up, the Amazonian Amanda Righetti:

…followed by Love Story‘s Ali McGraw:

And finally, Anita Ekberg:

Till next week…

Tall Skinny Redheads

As any fule / Longtime Readers [some overlap]  kno, I prefer my dream women to be on the meaty / zaftig side, e.g. Carol Vorderman.  Here’s a reminder:

But those same people also know that I have a fondness for redheads — genuine redheads, with the pale skin (freckles optional, but most welcome) of that ilk.  So here are a few, leading off with Scotland’s Karen Gillan, formerly of Dr. Who  fame:

Then, of course,there’s Nicola Roberts from singing group Girls Aloud:

And from the BBC Poldark  TV series, Eleanor Tomlinson:

Also, actress / model Lily Cole:

And finally, the only reason to watch the appalling lawyer show Suits, Sarah Rafferty:

And a few more, whose names I didn’t catch:

Yum, yum, yum.  All of them.

Us, Too

Apparently, all-time hottie Brooke Shields wants to begin to “celebrate her own body” a lot more, which sounds just fine to me.  Let’s get a head start on the celebrations, shall we?  And I’m not going to be all ageist about it — we’ll look at past and  present:

Photographer: Melanie Acevedo

I’ve always thought that Brooke was one of the most beautiful women in the world, regardless of age.  But I have to say that as a youngin, she was a little light in the superstructure (for me, anyway). Now that she’s matured, however, she’s become a lot more MILFy…

What a woman.


Try as I may, I fail to see the fascination with Katie Holmes, formerly Mrs. Tom Cruise.

This is not a knock on her, by the way:  at worst, she’s inoffensive — and she gets huge kudos for keeping their daughter out of the clutches of the foul Scientology cult.

Or maybe it’s just because  she’s the ex-wife of the dwarf action star (what I call the “Chelsea Clinton” effect) that the media seems to follow and photograph her all over the place;  and she continues to get movie roles, lots of them.  Once again, this is not a knock;  but she is unremarkable both in looks and talent:  girl-next-door pretty and capable of not screwing up a movie (the latter being no small thing, by the way).  Here she is in casual dress:

See what I mean?  And yet she’s played up — Vogue covers, etc. — and even when she’s in a movie, that praise continues.

For an example of the latter, one of the characters in the brilliant Thank You For Smoking  says of her that she has “world-class tits”, when it’s quite obvious that she doesn’t — not even close to world class, as the movie reveals later when she’s actually topless.  And the femme fatale  role she’s given… well, she’s not so fatale, as it turns out.

Granted, our Katie does clean up quite well:

…but given the amount of cosmetic trickery involved in shots like this, hell, even Chelsea Clinton can look passable (be charitable, willya?).  That said, Holmes certainly plays it for all it’s worth.

But I just don’t get it.  The movie business is lousy with gorgeous and egregiously-talented women, and yet Holmes gets more column inches and celluloid time than a lot of them.