Wasted Treasure

There was a time, a couple decades ago, when South Africa not only generated sufficient electricity for its own needs, but sold its excess to the neighboring African countries (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique).

Well, times change and so do governments.  The much-maligned White supremacist government stepped down and handed the reins of power to the sainted Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress.  Since then, while the stupid ANC government was busy doing Leftwing bullshit and promoting incompetent people into the country’s infrastructure (a.k.a. affirmative action), somehow the maintenance of South Africa’s electricity distribution system was ummm ignored or mismanaged or defunded — because as we all know, this White Man’s Magic runs itself forever.  The result has been predictable.

So:  as of a couple of days ago, onetime electrical exporter South Africa has begun a domestic program of “load sharing” (i.e. rolling blackouts) because the electrical supply has ummm deteriorated to such an extent that South Africa is no longer even self-sufficient.  This never — never — occurred under the Evil White Government, but as with so much in Africa, irony abounds:  Black power has led to no power, electrically speaking;  or, Blacks in  [control] has led to black-outs.  The traditional Seffrican mordant sense of humor comes into play, here:

But that’s just the background to the story I really wanted to talk about.

One of the many reasons the old apartheid regime fell was because of the oil boycott foisted on the country by Western nations and the U.N.  Ironically, while South Africa had and has an abundance of mineral wealth (gold, platinum, bauxite, uranium, and coal, to name but some), there was not a single oil- or natural gas field either onshore nor offshore.  This meant that the country had to buy its oil and LNG on the spot market (i.e. from the occasional surpluses in global supply), and since the OPEC-induced shortages of the 1970s, the cost of gas has always been horrendous in South Africa.  (Ironically again, SASOL’s oil-from-coal plants probably saved the apartheid regime’s bacon on several occasions, but there were only a few such production facilities and these were inadequate to cope with any kind of economic growth.)  So that lack of local oil and gas supply has always been a problem, regardless of government.

Until now.

French oil and gas major Total’s South African offshore discovery could contain 1 billion barrels of total resources and is “probably quite big”, Chief Executive Patrick Pouyanne said on Thursday.
Total said it had made a significant gas condensate discovery after drilling its Brulpadda prospects on Block 11B/12B in the Outeniqua Basin.
“It is gas condensate and light oil. Mainly gas. There are four other prospects on the license that we have to drill; it could be around 1 billion barrels of total resources of gas and condensate.”

Does this mean South Africa will reap the benefits and become oil- and gas independent at last?  Not so fast, Louis.  As Rick Blaine Moran points out:

There are several problems with exploiting this find.  Just because their country has made this discovery doesn’t mean it can be developed adequately.  The political situation in South Africa is deteriorating as the country’s far-left-wing government has begun an expropriation of white-owned land.  Such expropriations will force international players to think twice about investing the huge resources necessary to exploit the find. There might even be sanctions imposed on the country if the land grab goes as many observers expect:  badly.  While the bonanza is real, foreign investors may be skittish about participating in the oil rush.
Is the radical left government of South Africa smart enough to bend its economic principles to allow for the proper exploitation of this resource?

Short answer:  no.

Longer answer:  it’s not just the theft of White-owned land and far-Left socialism that would get in the way — for those policies, read: nationalization, à la Venezuela, and if anything causes investors to have cold feet, it’s that prospect — but there’s also the age-old African problem of rampant corruption.  As one South African expat put it, “Most of the investment dollars will disappear into government officials’ pockets long before the first well is drilled.”  (Actually, what he really  said was:  “Those fucking ANC assholes, including [newly-elected president]  Ramaphosa, will rob the thing blind before it even gets started.”)

‘Twas ever thus in Africa, and there is no reason to think that this occasion will be any different.

Ye Olde Buckette Shoppe is not taking any bets on this one.  It’s a dead-cert failure.  Africa Wins Again.

Ummm Okay

From Racist-In-Chief Louis Farrakhan:

“But God has something else for us! Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. Yes, I’m after a separate state. A separate nation. In the ’60s, what was our cry, Rock? We weren’t saying we want to integrate, we were saying ‘It’s nation time!’ Black Power to do what? To integrate a lunch counter? Black Power to build a nation for 40 million — now near 50 million — Black people.”

Errrr Yer Reverendness… Black people already have their own nation.  It’s called “Africa.”  Here are some suggestions for you and the Nation of Islam:
Somalia (100% Muslim), Sudan (97% Muslim), Senegal (96% Muslim). Mali (95% Muslim), Burkina Faso (~60% Muslim), Chad (~60% Muslim), Djibouti (97% Muslim), Gambia (95% Muslim), Guinea (89% Muslim), Niger (98% Muslim), Sierra Leone (~90% Muslim).
Assuming that non-Muslim Black people who want their own country don’t want to live where your Muslim buddies can fuck them over, they can have their pick of the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, e.g. Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique.

And no, you don’t get to turn some large part of the U.S. into some kind mega-Detroit.  You can feel free to leave anytime you want, asshole, but I bet that ordinary Black people don’t want any part of that segregationist bullshit.

Western Civilization

Here’s a map which ranks the various countries of the world from light to dark, from least corrupt to, well, Somalia.

Pop quiz:   Of the lighter-colored (i.e. least corrupt) countries, find the common thread.  (Hint:  it’s in the title of this post.)

For those who are surprised at the relatively-low ranking of the United States among the civilized nations, I would suggest that we would rocket upwards with the conviction of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the dissolution of the Clinton Foundation and the imprisonment of all its officers.  To reach the top of the charts, we’d have to convict all members of Congress (active and/or retired) who became millionaires whilst earning only a Congressional salary.

And by “conviction”, of course, I mean this:


Sometimes I fear for us all.  In an otherwise-interesting article on the world’s “vanishing countries” which talks about how China’s population growth is slowing, we also see examples of foolishness such as this:

China is relaxing its one-child policy — but it may be too late. In addition to lacking workers, a fifth of China’s homes are empty, reported Bloomberg news — more than 50 million apartments and houses have no inhabitants.
Fertile countries have a far brighter future. They are a good place to invest your money, said Hans Rosling, a Swedish professor and demographic “prophet” who died in February.
“You will find an emerging China in Africa,” he told the BBC in a final interview. “Go there to invest if you want to earn money, if you want to have nice pensions when you retire, place part of your capital there because there you will see fast growth.”

Clearly, Rosling never set foot on the African continent, where there’s never been a shortage of workers, only a shortage of honest government.  Allow me to revise his statement for you:

“Go invest in African countries if you want to lose money, if you want to have no pensions when you retire, and place part of your capital there if you want to see fast growth in African politicians’ bank accounts and not in yours, and to see no tangible results from your investment.”

That’s the reality of investing in Africa.

It reminds me of that old, withering observation:  “Your suggestion is so stupid, so devoid of commonsense and logic that it could only have been made by an academic or intellectual.”  (Note that the latter two are not synonymous.)

And these are the people who are regarded as the intelligent ones, who advise governments and tell us how to run our lives.

Flattery, Imitation Being Sincerest Form Of

Roger Simon, that eeeevil rayciss, thinks we should Let Central America Sink.

For as long as any of us can remember, those Central American nations have been failed states teetering on the brink of civil war (or over it) or awash in corruption and gangsterism, their peoples impoverished.
Foreign aid, of which they have had plenty, hasn’t helped.  After all this time, it is likely that in these instances the reverse has been true.  Foreign aid has hurt the development of these countries, creating a dependency that impeded progress.  It also — inadvertently, one hopes and assumes — encouraged conditions that allowed the corruption and drug dealing to flourish.

The best hope for Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and even Mexico is that they learn to fend for themselves.  In most of the cases, it could take a long time with considerable pain, but it is the only path that will succeed.  Further aid, with exceptions for emergencies, physical and medical, will only make matters worse.

Most of all, it will continue to support and deepen a dependency culture that is terrible psychologically for the recipients  The aid is not loving.  It’s self-interested on the part of the donors in a variety of ways for a variety of goals, few of them beneficial.

Now… where have I heard a similar sentiment before?

Oh, and by the way, Roger old buddy:  ixnay on the mergency-ay.  All the (good) drugs sent to Africa haven’t done diddly in terms of fixing anything;  I very much doubt that Central America would have a different outcome.