My second-favorite Bond girl is in a class of her own.  You see, I’d read Thunderball  long before I ever saw the movie, and fallen in love with Domino long before I saw Claudine Auger in the role.

That said:

…and she sure didn’t get uglier as she got older, either:

But it was never just how she looked (although whoever cast her did it perfectly).  Read Ian Fleming’s description of her, how she drove her car and how she reacted to the news of her brother’s murder by the man she was living with… I fell in love with her, and so will you.


  1. Nah, nah nah! You got it right last week with Daniela Bianchi! I believe that you and I are of an age, (I’m 67), and there was no one else like her back when I was 10/11, and maybe not ever since since, (though I saw Madeline Smith on the telly last night and she’s worn rather well – it doesn’t all show up in still photos!). I’m going to lie down in a darkened room now.

    1. The great Cole of California “Scandal Suits”.

      Claudine Auger, and Rachel Ward, the two great “Domino’s” of filmdom (though I think it was Dominoe for Ward in “Sharky’s Machine”.

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