1. Oh, yeah, every man’s dream date, a cop whose hobby is running people down to wrestle and fight them. She may not have her own set of whips and spurs, but she’s got the cuffs and baton, so…..

  2. Briefly dated a NYC auxiliary cop many years ago. One of the precepts taught to NYC cops back then is “You’re always right, no matter what”. Good thing to tell a woman who (I later found out) had bi-polar issues. The crazy was strong, and not in a good way. Plus, she was bisexual, which brought even MORE crazy (she suggested a threesome, but told me in no uncertain terms that I was the leave the other girl alone because she was jealous).

    As for the picture, some of the ladies are appealing, but I’m convinced that the only sports-people who are crazier than rugby players are Gaelic Football players.

  3. Rugby thighs are a given, but nine out of twelve of those women in that picture are reasonably attractive.
    There may be hope for Wales. Perhaps it’s not a representative sample.

    1. That looks like the crazy runs deep in that one. Use at your own risk. It’s a fun ride but make sure you exit before she starts boiling bunnies.

      ….. and I was going to guess OZ as the source.

  4. Maybe I just don’t know enough about the UK and former Empire, but Scotland seemed like it would be a contender, also.

  5. Had to be Wales. One of my HS teachers was a 6’6″ Welshman with flattened ears and bent nose from years of playing rugby. The whole place is rugby mad, or it was back in the 60’s and I see no reason for that to change, after all, where else can you kick the crap out of the English with carte blanche authorization of the public?

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