Not Too Awful

In yesterday’s post which talked about colors, one color came in for some (much-deserved) mockery, this being avocado green.

Well, I guess it can be a situational thing.  Here’s why I say this:

Now it must be said that the peerless E-type might look better in another color;  but if someone came up to you and said, “Here are the keys and pink slip for that car, it’s yours,” I think it would be safe to assume that you wouldn’t get all offended and say, “Oh noes!  I wouldn’t seen dead in so ugly a color!” and turn it down.

In Kim Terms, this would be like turning down an evening’s bedtime entertainment with Salma Hayek just because she was wearing a strangely-colored dress.  And as this statement is useless wifout pichers, here’s what I’m talking about:

Errr I’ve lost my thread.  What was I talking about, again?


  1. There’s a difference though, you don’t remove the paint from a car to maximize your enjoyment of it……

    Yes, Ms Hayek is delectable….

    As a complete aside, I think one of these days Kim ought to do a feature on women who everyone seems to consider beautiful, but who he or his readers think are over-rated. It would keep the topic off Chinkflu and the Election anyway. #1 on my list would be Julia Roberts.

    Maybe a second feature of ladies who don’t get the attention they deserve. I always thought Jodie Foster was a classically beautiful woman (and yes I know she plays for the other team).

  2. Fortunately with cars a new colour is only a wrap or a respray away. As for Ms Hayek, I will gladly entertain her.

    Hmm… is she related to the economist / philosopher of the same name?

  3. Relax, Earl Scheib can fix the problem with that E-Type for $29.95. Add $5 and leave the top down and they’ll make the interior match.

    As for Ms. Hayek, the only problem there is that I don’t have her phone number and she wouldn’t talk to me if I did.

  4. I think we had a fridge back in the 70s the same color as that Jag. One hopes that whomever sullied the car with that color color choice will refrain from shag carpet on the dash and fuzzy dice dangling in the windshield.

  5. I think ‘maroon’ and ‘burgundy’ are lovely for encapsulating the features of Miss Hayek.

    I am less enthralled about the color ‘pink’ for a swooning lounge.

    And, of course, round pillows are the precursors to Post-Apoch madness.
    Rumor has it, Hunter ‘Highlights’ Biden and Hillary ‘ClintonCrimeSyndicate’ Clinton have ‘a thing’ for round pillows.
    Separately is the way I heard it… but you never know with the D. of C. crowd.


    A drop-head coo-pay parked at the marina.
    “If anybody needs me, you can reach me at The Club!”
    In between, a toothbrush and a Turkish on my knees cleaning my wires?
    Maybe not.

  6. I had a 70 Camaro that was painted what ever GM decided to call that color of puke green. It was very close to the color on the Jaguar. It doomed the car to be called The Pickle for the rest of it’s days.

    Ms. Hayek is a looker all right.

      1. Earl’s grandfather might have done that “E” for $29.95, but his current progeny wouldn’t even consider it.
        (sorry, this was supposed to be in response to Nevikov, earlier)

        McQueens XK-SS is in original BRG as the factory painted it.
        Now, there were some Puke Green BRM’s on the F1 grid in the Late-50’s as they struggled for attention.

  7. I had a friend in school complain about a car color he called “baby poop brown”, my mother informed me it’s proper name was “shit brindle”.

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