Classic Beauty

I see that one of the world’s most beautiful redheads passed away recently, at age 97.  To be frank, I didn’t know that Rhonda Fleming was still alive, but there ya go.  So to make up for the oversight, here she is, in her prime:

“Wait a minute, Kim,”  I hear you exclaim, “I thought you said she was a redhead.”

Oh, yeah.

Just exceptional.  They do not make them like this anymore.

In fact, I don’t think they made them like this back then, either.


    1. I do photography for a hobby, and in the B&W photos I can see whoever printed them used dodging and burning techniques to alter the exposure in different areas to highlight her facial structure. The color photos have been airbrushed to even out her skin tones, most likely the B&W ones too.
      These were typical techniques of the day when the movie studios wanted the actors and actresses to look their best. Who want’s a photo of the star with a huge zit on their forehead? These were mild alterations unlike today with computer enhancement skin tone is altered to appear much lighter or darker than it actually is or more radical altering to make the body appear thinner.

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