Several of my Brit Readers over the years have asked me whether I’m related to Elize du Toit, who played Izzy Davies in the Brit TV show Hollyoaks  for several years.

I should mention at this point that while the entire South African Du Toit clan sprang from the loins of two brothers back in the late 17th century, the family’s sporting instincts have resulted in literally thousands who bear that last name in the sub-continent.

A quick aside:  I once invited a guy and his wife over for dinner and, as these things happen, he lost my address after setting out.  All he knew was that I lived just outside Johannesburg in a little town named Bedfordview, but no problem:  he was a resourceful lad and stopped somewhere and borrowed a Johannesburg phone book — after all, there couldn’t be that many “Du Toit K” entries, right?  Not finding that entry anywhere, he started from the beginning, and after four and a half pages gave up, phoned a mutual friend and got directions to my house.

It didn’t help his temper that when he got there and told me the story, I laughingly pointed out that I wasn’t even in the Johannesburg phone book anyway, but in the Greater Johannesburg (“Witwatersrand”) directory — which had six pages of Du Toits.

So when someone asks if I’m related to ” ___ du Toit”, the answer is invariably no.

It’s a good thing I’m not related to Elize, though;  it might have had an unfortunate or (as we call it) a “Mississippi” outcome.

B4RT85 Television actress Elize du Toit Circa December 2001

All the above were taken during her Hollyoaks days.  Here’s one from a couple years back:

She has apparently retired from acting — three kids will often do that to yer career — but she’s still active on the celebrity scene.

Now you know, and quit asking.


    1. In South Africa, yes. When I emigrated, I changed the pronunciation back to the original French (“doo-twah”) because it sounded more exotic to American ears, and I wanted to disassociate myself from being thought of as Afrikaans.

  1. It’s quite obvious she’s not related to you. She’s way too pretty.
    Oh, and I believe it’s pronounced “doo Twah”

  2. Might claim the same tree just because. I know my last name is pretty common in England but rare over here. Almost never related if we follow the tree back. Can only get back about 3 as my Grand Dad’s dad was a rolling stone.

    1. Not in a million years. She’s a Brit actress, to all intents and purposes (what they call a “Luvvie” Over There), and probably as liberal as that sort usually are.

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