One-time F1 champion driver Kimi Raikonnen is famously bullshit-free;  while driving for Ferrari a few years back, he got irritated by the constant stream of advice and orders coming over the radio from the pit wall team, and uttered the immortal line:  “Leave me alone;  I know what I’m doing.”   He finished on the podium, driving a car that was truthfully speaking nowhere near the level of his competitors’.

And he’s back in the headlines today, posting this pic:

For those not in the know, that’s one-time F1 champion James Hunt in characteristic pose (missing only a pit bunny on his errr  arm to make it completely accurate), while on the right is Mr. Woke, Lewis Hamilton.

Now the Hamilton fanbois are going to point out that whereas Hunt and Raikonnen only won the F1 championship once each, Our Lewis has won it six times.   (In their defense:  Hunt and Raikonnen won their respective championships driving cars that were charitably called “competitive” at the time, whereas Hamilton is driving a Mercedes which has outstripped all other cars by a wide margin, for the past four or five years at least.)

Whatever.  Raikonnen is in the right, while Hamilton is left — far Left, with his BLM-kneeling and wokey T-shirts.

I wish Hunt were alive today:  he’d piss all over that T-shirt, probably while Hamilton was still wearing it.


  1. Mostly I miss Kimi’s calm, mumbled, incomprehensible responses in the podium press conference. They were highly entertaining. and before James became posthumous world champion he was known as “Hunt – the – shunt”. Shunt being British for major Crash.

    But both more fun than boring old Lewisk

  2. “…Hamilton is driving a Mercedes which has outstripped all other cars by a wide margin….”

    Which is one (of many) reason I don’t bother watching F1 anymore, it’s become almost purely a well-funded battle between engineering staffs. Back when I raced I enjoyed (for multiple values of “enjoyed”) good, sometimes very good steeds and some charitably called “shit on wheels,” and managed, easily, wins with one, and occasionally, wins with the other. More than once I’ve changed classes, and even types of racing, when I unlocked The Secrets and winning came too easily.

    It’s much easier to win when horsepower, handling, tires and braking are all firmly on your side, and it’s hemorrhoid surgery with a rusty butter knife to garner a win when you’re down on HP and each corner is an exercise in forced coercion with your ride.

    It’s light years easier to win when you’ve got the equipment, but nowhere as satisfying as barely squeezing out a first place when you’ve been flogging that lame, syphlitic dog mercilessly for 30-40 laps. And, no, manhandling Rover to “a close second” ain’t at all consoling; winning is binary – it is or is isn’t, and you’re not there to do “isn’t.” Kinda like “Life” but don’t tell the Lefties that’s how this planet works; they won’t understand.

  3. You do Hamilton’s talent a disservice. Certainly he is aided by having one of the better cars on track but you should compare him with Bottas, who often gets beaten, particularly by Verstappen. Talent always shows.

  4. “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”, and ending up on the podium shows he did know what he was doing , as Danny Sullivan showed when he was spinning out on the back straight and going on to win the Indianapolis 500 in 1985.

    And I can’t think of a racing driver in the last sixty years who would have dressed as Hamilton did for that photo, or be caught dead riding on a kid’s scooter. Skate board, maybe, particularly after 1975, but not a scooter.

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