1. The speaker is unaware of just how badly that will end;
    perhaps someone might mention to him how many of those whom he considers “others” are anxiously awaiting that to become official policy, and the difference between “retail” and “wholesale.”

  2. I was going add that they probably don’t realize they are speaking to people who have stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammo, but then I remembered all that ammo purchased during the Obama administration is still out there largely unaccounted for.

    Going to be interesting

  3. @ Don and Mike: I suspect “battlefield pickups” will become A Thing, and 400 meters is a good Working Distance. suppressed or not.

  4. Aaron Danielson, Laura Ashley Anderson, Charles Nicholas Wall, Cannon Hinnant.

    Those are the ones I could easily pull off the main Fox News page as a direct result of BLM/Antifa.

  5. Thirteen percent.

    They cannot honestly believe their lies.

    And the ‘your skin is your uniform’ crowd mis-understand negro people.
    One-hundred percent, each and every one, of negro people are eager to hunt ‘niggers’.
    My neighbors include a Southern Methodist Church, and these fine folks are itchin’ to eliminate the ‘problems’.
    Negro people hate ‘niggers’.

    1. As a black coworker of my brother said to a black shoplifter once, within my brother’s hearing,
      “It’s Ni**ers like you that give black people a bad name.”
      When I competed in High Power, I squadded with a man from Georgia who explained the origin, derivation, and proper usage of “Whigger”. I think that is a distinction we can do without, but the people he referred to as Whiggers would never understand using the original term on them.

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