1. Ugly isn’t always Trans. In fact ugly is usually just ugly; there just aren’t that many Trans out there, no matter what the Fascist Deranged Left would have you believe.

  1. I tried to tell Robert that Convention Booth Babes are just Cocktail Waitresses who have a day job, but he would not listen.

    I said there’s a reason she always wears a long sleeve blouse, but he would not listen.

    Sounds like a Jersey Shore accent to me no matter what she claims, but he would not listen.

  2. Attempting to conceal her latest clothes-worshing failure, Madge positioned her hand over Melvin’s skid-mark… although, in her defense, Melvin’s ‘layering effect’ requires substantially more detergent action to achieve any kind of positive effect!

  3. In this museum-quality example of the photag’s art, we immediately note the lowering of the lens position to bring the viewer’s eye to the photag’s intent-of-focus — Melvin’s fabulous skid-marks!

  4. All across the forums dedicated to the fascinating issue of Melvin’s skids, his many followers inevitably debate the same question — Fresh? Laundry failure? Combo? Or… does he enhance his trousers with some sort of commercial product… a dye or perhaps a spray-paint (and, if this’s the case, can we get some?)?

  5. Playfully catching-up to her sweetie and his ‘skid-marks special’ beach attire, Madge innocently inquired “Hey, Big Boy! Have any beany burritos for breakfast?”… although her lingering gaze told the wonderful truth!

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