Impending Catastrophe

Relax, it’s not another from the Catalogue Of Dreadfulness that is 2020.  No, this one is more serious:

IF one woman were to be crowned Queen for having the most famous boobs in Britain, The Sun’s former Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden would be HRH.
She was a hit with our readers for a decade, now boasts more than 433,000 followers on Instagram and reckons her boobs have earned her more than half a million quid from shoots, calendars and telly appearances.
But today she reveals how they have grown from a 32E at the start of her career to a huge 32G – and she wants them REDUCED.

Well, assuming she’s serious, I think that as a public service I should grab ’em while they’re still there, so to speak:

And just one more, for the Pervs Among Us:

If you want still more, then hit your favorite search engine.  Rhian Sugden.


  1. This is a common complaint from those of similar build. They all suffer from back problems and other issues. Ask anyone who has been on that ride. Just Imagine walking around every day attempting to balance a body with a serious cantilever issue. …. and to compound the problem add in shoes that make it harder to maintain you balance. It’s a miracle that they don’t tip over instantly.

  2. As she ages, going from 32E to today’s 32G, she’s looking at 45 Long in her future. That’s a bleak prospect for her and her fans. A reduction back to ~32D with an accompanying lift bodes well for all.

  3. As is ever my role of being “That Guy”, if lovely Rihan were to be made queen, she’d be HM, not HRH. The Sun should know better, but then again, The Sun. (Finally, a queen for whom I’d actually bow or kneel.)

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