Wonderful Women: X-Rated

Fair warning:  this post is going to be somewhat more explicit than the usual WW pictorial, so those who are likely to be upset by this, visit www.happyhappyjoyjoyflowers&unicorns.org or something.  Here goes…

From the early days of silent movies and black-and-white pics come a few choice ones, such as Betty Blythe:

Then there’s Gloria Swanson (!):

Ziegfeld Model Risque – 1920s – by Alfred Cheney Johnston. Restored by Nick & jane. Enjoy!

Jean Ackerman:


And Louise Brooks:

And lastly for this era, Martha Mansfield:

The 1930s and -40s didn’t give us much because of the Hays Office, but skipping ahead to the late 1950s, there’s German bounteousness in the shape of Monique Devereaux:

In the early 1970s, things started to open up, so to speak.  Firstly, we have Xaviera Hollander, whose novel The Happy Hooker  got her a couple movie deals and a column in Penthouse  magazine:

But the best part of the 70s?  This:

Yeah, baby.  For us lovers of explicit movies it was a fantastic time, even if the girls were… not so special.  Here’s the Grande Dame of them all, Marilyn Chambers:



And things just got better and better, with voluptuous vixens like carroty Lisa De Leeuw:

And one of my personal favorites, as we slipped into [sic] the 1980s, Hyapatia Lee:

Of course, there’s always that old war whores horse, Nina Hartley:

…Southern girl Rhonda Jo Petty (no relation… I think):

And finally, Barbara Dare:

Nowadays, everyone does porno movies, from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian to [insert totty’s name of choice here], and the Internet is something of a cornucopia of all sorts of activities which, to me, kinda spoils it because it’s on tap and everywhere.  But back in the day, we had some good stuff…


But two productions of that era stand out:  Marilyn Chambers’ Up ‘n Coming  (which, amazingly, had a decent plot as well as excellent action), and The Young Like It Hot  (Hyapatia Lee’s first starring role):


Note that I’ve made no mention of the old classics like Behind The Green Door, Debbie Does Dallas  and Deep Throat, because everyone’s seen them, right?

Next week, we’ll move from the Oui Girls  to the Why… girls!


  1. The first photo of Betty Blythe (good guess 100 yrs ago) reminds us that beauty and shear humping stimulation didn’t come along in the last couple of decades or lord help us, with the iPhone. Freakin good looks that would drive men crazy has been around for THOUSANDS of years. Wonder why guys would kill for Cleopatra ? Cause the only thought in their head was “man I just gotta do that babe”.

  2. If you like pr0n queen Lisa DeLeeuw, you’ll get a kick out of Colleen Brennan. She was from the same era and they could have been twins separated at birth.

  3. Two things I really like about this collection:

    No massive, way-out-of-proportion-and-probably-fake, mammaries.

    And… pubic hair! I know I might be different, but I find pubic hair on women to be very sexy and attractive. I don’t like the propensity for modern women to shave their pubes. (Bikini line trim is okay.) It makes them look pre-pubescent down there, which for me, is a bit of a turn off.

    1. What? There are lots of shots of what I’d consider “overtitted” women above! And even many of us older guys want that shaved pussy-because it more likely represents cleanliness. The women above with “full on bushes” could be hiding more than one la cucarachia in there! Ew and LOL!

      1. Well, MontanaOsprey, I hope you understand that free American citizens are allowed to have different tastes than you and I.

        And I, personally, have never encountered the hidden “la cucaracha”. (Well, there was that one time many years ago in Olongapo, but the less said about that the better.)

  4. A friend of mine got a BJ from Marilyn Chambers at the O’Ferrells Theater in San Francisco when he was on leave in the Navy

    Talk about a story to tell the grandkids about

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