I see with great pleasure that this fine broad beat the incumbent Republican in a Colorado primary:

Five-term Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO), who was backed by President Donald Trump, lost his primary to Lauren Boebert, the owner of Shooters Grill in Colorado.

Just by itself, this would be worthy of a glass or two being raised, and it certainly will be in this house.

But the article points out something else:

Boebert’s victory over Tipton serves as Trump’s third primary loss.
– Conservative outsider Bob Good unseated Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) in June despite the House Freedom Caucus backing Riggleman over Good. Good managed to defeat Riggleman by focusing on reducing legal immigration.
– Conservative millennial Madison Cawthorn then defeated Lynda Bennet, who was endorsed by the House Freedom Fund, the Senate Conservative Fund, the American Conservative Union (ACU), and other influential D.C. conservatives.

I’m trying not to read too much into this, but three out of three has to be at least a little significant.

Of course, the Jackals Of The Press will proclaim that Republican voters are “repudiating Trump” or some such nonsense, but the way I see it is that conservative voters are looking at their incumbent candidates, deciding that they aren’t doing enough for conservatives and their goals, and picking still-more conservative candidates regardless of who endorses them.  Even better, by not picking the Trump endorsees, it takes away at least one Democrat talking point in November (“the Republican is a Trump stooge!”) because quite obviously, these new guys are beholden not to Trump, but to a conservative ideal that is stronger than their primary opponents’ activities.

As for Lauren Boebert (on whom I’ve had an old-man-crush for years), tell me why you wouldn’t vote for her:

Boebert is a 32-year-old gun-rights activist, the owner of the Garfield County Shooters Grill.
[She] gained public attention after she defied public health orders when she reopened in-restaurant dining in May. She subsequently lost her restaurant license.

A Lady Gunslinger who takes no shit from the Gummint even though it costs her bigly.  Be still, my beating heart.

I see that in 2016 Trump carried this district by 12 points over Hillary Bitch Clinton.  Let’s see if Boebert can double that margin in her own race.


  1. One factor why The Donald is picking swamp Republicans instead of patriots may be this; I understand from several reports that none other than Karl Rove has been invited into the strategy planning of the administration. That this scumbag is playing any role in the White House again makes me want to puke.

  2. Conservatives are beginning to look at SCOTUS and are telling the POTUS to carefully consider his list – very carefully – when it comes time to replace RBG; we can’t find any optometrists to give us lenses that will help us visualize the penumbras and unicorn farts that are directing the current decisions.

    1. It’s not too hard to figure out what President Trump (PBUH) should say about these primary losses, but for now we’ll just focus on the lovely Lauren: “Of course she wasn’t my first choice of candidates, but the people in her district have spoken and she is their nominee. And considering (insert name of filthy Dem opponent here) is her opponent, she has pole-vaulted to the top of my list for who I want to win in that election. Next question?”

  3. I think what we’re seeing in these 3 races is a new awareness that the Republican Party isn’t worth supporting unless they start supporting us.

    Several “people of prominence” in the blogosphere have stated they vote for the person not the party; that works, sort of, but…the only choices are on the Republican side, and The Party has been stirring the punch with its syphlitic dick in recent years. At the top, the Repubs are just as thoroughly corrupt as the Dems.

    One doesn’t dare vote for any Democrat, even if there were such a thing as an honest, truly conservative and fully American Democrat because, first, they won’t stay that way once they hit the Big Time in D.C., the media will gleefully count them on the Dem side for propaganda purposes, and their “leadership” will apply constant pressure for them to “vote the right way.” Which, if they don’t do it, means the next election cycle they won’t get any DNC support, and might even get primaried; the Dems operate like the Mafia in that respect, while the Republicans operate like Romper Room kindergarteners.

    Out here in Flyover land we’re left with hunting for people like Lauren Boebert to run for office, because they are individuals who understand and respect their countryment, and who, probably are just as fed up and pissed off as we are; another 200 of them would make a difference.

    Trump was the better choice in 2016, he’s not just the better choice in 2020 but the only choice. He ain’t perfect, which is no surprise, even though that baffles the Never Trumpers no end; he’s very much the lesser-of-evils choice (so was George W. Bush, but he was a great deal more “lesser” in all respects).

    In fact, despite all the Boeberts, we’re still dependent upon Trump to avoid CWII; my money’s on CWII no matter what, the country is just too far down the wrong road to correct it with platitudes, smiling politicians, COVID bonus payments and sound bites. It’s going to take force to achieve the necessary changes, and by the time we reach that point, a lot of force.

    But, thank you Lauren Boebert, and we’re with you in your campaign.

    1. “[t]hey vote for the person not the party.”
      An admirable policy if they were voting in a beauty contest. To the extent that this results in a vote for an apparently “Conservative” Democrat, it is the policy of destruction. As Nevikov says, you can only vote for the person AFTER you eliminate the enemy agent Democrats from consideration, no matter how warm the smile or firm the handshake, or hearty the backslap.

  4. Lauren Boebert, is not just the owner of Shooters Grill in Colorado – but the owner of “Shooters Grill”, in RIFLE, Colorado!

    1. If she decides to franchise the concept, I’m torn between wanting a franchise in Browning Montana, and one in Santa Monica, California. That second would certainly upset the lickspittle leftists in California.

  5. After hearing about Lauren’s place over in Rifle a buddy and I jumped on our motorcycles zipped over (200 miles) for lunch. Loved seeing gals open carry. I kept mine concealed knowing I was safe in there with my back to the wall!

  6. Backtracking a bit on how she was shut down. It seems it was not the state but the local Garfield County Department of Public Health. There is apparently a state process to obtain a variance in the regulations for restaurants which the Garfield County Board of Commissioners, unlike neighboring Mesa County, declined to apply for. It would seem that Garfield County has a Quisling problem.

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