Wonderful Women: W Is For… Well, You Know

As we slide towards the end of our alphabetical review of beauteous women, let’s start with the silent movies, in this case, Wanda Hawley:

Then from a later era, there’s Wendy Barrie:

Moving out of B&W, one of my favorite comedic actresses, former model Wendie Malick:

And of course, there’s our modern girl, Winona Ryder:

Here’s a pic of the redhead with the golden voice (along with her Momma), Wynonna Judd:

Finally, for the naughty part of today’s post, there’s Playboy bunny Willy Rey:

Next week, we’re going really  X-rated.


  1. Wendie Malick is tasty.
    Winona Ryder is a twit.
    It’s nice to see Willy Rey is trimmed but not shaved.
    The rest of them? Meh.

    1. Wendy/Walter Carlos? I’ll address him as Ms, because he actually said goodbye to Mr. Happy.

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