Wonderful Women: S (Part 3) Is For Stunning

Our final look at beauties whose names begin with the popular letter “S”, starting with Sheila Ryan:

…and from the same era, with her best come-hither look, Suzan Ball:

And Steffi Duna:

Then the more-modern Stella Stevens:

…followed by early Shirley Jones:

Let’s go to Yurp, and regard Austria’s Senta Berger:

From just over the Austrian border comes Stana Katic:

While back in the U.S. of A., there’s Dallas native Sarah Shahi:

And finally, one of my all-time favorites, Suzanne Pleshette (all from the same photoshoot):

And next week, at long last, we’ll have a teasing look at the next letter.


  1. Not to be “That Guy”*, but Stana Katic is Canadian.

    *Oh who am I kidding? I LOVE being “That Guy”!

  2. Suzanne Pleshette had one of the most provocative, incredible voices as well as all the other good woman stuff a man might wish to have close by on a cold winter’s night.

  3. Sarah Shahi …. lovely choice. I’ve had a massive crush on her ever since I 1st saw her on that silly show “Fairly Legal.”

  4. Shirley jones……woof!

    The Divine Suzanne Pleshette….triple Woof!

    Steamin, I am, here….

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