1. Cecilia is going to be voted most beautiful woman at the reunion of the class of 1988, she always was competitive.

  2. Bad Ideas:
    1. Hire a pole dancer as entertainment for the annual company party.
    2. Invite her to join the company’s group pic after she’s done dancing.

  3. Gentlemen wear their “Hi, I’m ______ ” introduction sticker up near their face.
    Ladies and other women wear their stickers down on their bazooms.
    Interesting, eh?

  4. At this gathering of the BlackĀ© Jacket Brigade, the photographer says:
    “OK, people! At the count of ‘one’, everybody hold your own hands! Oops… I meant ‘three’…”

  5. Enjoying — some might say ‘exploiting’… — the 4-to-2 odds at the church pot-latch, Mitzi is thoughtfully prepared for another quick dash to the janitorial closet.

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