Wonderful Women: M-Squared

As promised last week, here’s a continuation of the Marvelous Women, beginning with Ziegfeld Girl Mary Lange:

…and her Ziegfeld co-star, Myrna Darby:

Next, we have another B&W-era lady, Mary Astor:

Also, German songstress Marlene Dietrich:

…followed by Mitzi Gaynor:

Now let’s get a little more modern, shall we?  There’s Bond Girl Madeline Smith:

China Beach‘s Marg Helgenberger:

And while we’re on TV shows, here’s Weeds  hottie Mary-Louise Parker:

…about as Mom ‘N Apple Pie as you could imagine:

Did I hear calls for Italian bellissima  Monica Bellucci?  Sure, why not:

We’re running a little short of space by now, so here’s a gratuitous pic from someone cut short last week, Marilyn:

The rest will have to wait a few months… try to contain yourselves.


  1. Re: the last two photos: You can publish more of her next week under the name Norma Jean Baker.

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