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Again with the pithy commenth, but mostly aimed at you-know-who:

how about: NOTHING.  To paraphrase someone:  every single thing that comes out of their collective mouth is a lie, including “and” and “the”.  As I’ve said many times before on this website:  China is and will always be our enemyAnd I’d put money on this shit having started in a ChiCom bioweapons lab.

But there are counter-opinions:

It’s NOT racist to say China’s vile markets are to blame for coronavirus and they MUST ban themand an even better opinion:

“Everything fucking generates from them and their filthy markets”bat soup and raw snake gizzards, anyone?  And speaking of Chinese menu items:

that’s got to be the most endangered animal on the planet:  a cat owned by a Chinese familyAnd while on the topic of Chinese food:

but they don’t, do they?  They eat slop on rice:  “slop” being defined as dead anything that walks, swims, flies or slithers.  They aren’t even civilized enough to eat with forks, FFS, relying on prehistoric tools like straight sticks, and spoons designed to make you spill when drinking from them.  Tablecloths?  Maybe in high-class American restaurants, otherwise straight off wooden tabletops that still hold a year’s worth of food spillage and associated bacteria and viruses.  Fucking primitive assholes.

how dare the U.S. stand up against espionage, copyright infringement, computer virus infestation, Wuhan flu pandemics and cheap shit that falls apart soon after purchase?

can’t be true.  We all know that Communists, and Chinese Communists especially, have such a high regard for human life. [/New York Times]


  1. There’s A Reckoning coming, accompanied and driven by Righteous Anger. Won’t be here for a while, we need to get past the House Arrest portion of the program and onto the Rebuild The Economy portion, but when it gets here it will be epic:

    1) China is done as an exporter, at least to the U.S. I don’t know anyone who will accept anything from China ever again. Many have vowed to not purchase from companies still making, or buying, their goods from China. This will lead to international trouble with China as it gets pushed into decline and their economy suffers.

    1B) It will eventually be determined that while people in China eat bats, or anything else that resembles protein, and that the Coronoavirus we’re dealing with now originated there, it was incompetence that led to its release from a Chinese government operated research lab. This will be a hammer to get a few more nails in the coffin of China trade.

    1C) Chinese nationals won’t be welcome anymore as students in the U.S. We didn’t invite the Germans and Japanese to come here in the 1930s to learn everything we knew about metallurgy, electronics and ballistics, we won’t allow Chinese nationals to come here anymore for knowledge that they will take back to China and use against us. Over the next several years we’ll see the number of universities and colleges decline precipitously as full-price non-U.S. students depart, federal loan guarantees end, and frivolous bullshit degree programs are terminated.

    2) Governments in the U.S. are soon going to be told to go fuck themselves – city, county, state, federal. They’re not only not doing their jobs, they’re an impediment to us doing ours and in many ways a threat to our well being. We’re not stuck in here with them, they’re stuck in here with us.

    2B) The U.S. private sector will, after a few battles with the bureaucrats, will become the preeminent component of the U.S. economy once again. It will be the responsibility of U.S. citizens, as employees, investors and owners, to ride herd on the business community.

    3) A great many Americans – but certainly, not all, probably not even a majority – will embrace the “never again” philosophy and begin maintaining personal stockpiles of critical supplies.

    3B) Gun ownership will, slowly, become the norm among lots of Americans. Again, not a majority, but there’s an opportunity for enough penetration into the never-before ranks to establish creation of a degree of “herd immunity” against crime and tyranny.

    It’ll be a wild ride over the next few years, and one hell of an adventure, strap in, hold on and stay alert.

    1. This should be printed out, and tacked to the wall where it can be referred to frequently.

    2. Not sure about 1 at all. I think we’ll see the same thing as after an Islamic terrorist attack. A bit of token sadz, followed by going right back to the status quo. The drug (cheap shit from China) will prove too hard for the idiot West to quit.

  2. I read just minutes ago that the Navy has relieved the Captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, aka the TR or the Big Stick, for having sent a frantic letter asking for help because of an outbreak of Wuhan Flu. Over 2700 seamen of her 5000 man complement will be removed from the ship to quarantine in Guam where she’s docked. The problem according to the Navy is that he didn’t send the letter directly up the chain of command but broadcast it over unsecured channels and it leaked to the press.

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