No Kidding

Every so often, even Nancy Pelosi is going to get one thing right (although not in the sense that the corrupt old Marxist bitch means it):

‘Civilization as We Know It Is at Stake’ in 2020 Election

Oh, we know that, Granny Guevara.  On the one hand, we’ll have a free-market economy with an ever-dwindling government regulatory burden, a robust energy industry un-crippled by spurious ecological regulation, and an increase in manufacturing jobs as companies quit the ruinous globalization process.  Still on that hand, we’ll have a stronger, more coherent foreign policy backed by a powerful military, containment of oppressive regimes and a lessening of danger from Islamist extremism.  Yet more on that hand, we’ll have stronger border enforcement with implications that lessen crime, disease and extremist incursions and increase employment prospects for U.S. citizens.  Even more on that hand, we will have a population that enjoys increased personal freedoms that include gun ownership, the right to choose our own medical care, and a smaller federal tax burden.  All that  is the “civilization as we know it”, which was the essence of the republic given to us by the Founding Fathers and our Constitution.

On the other hand:  if you Commie cocksuckers come to power we’ll have none  of the above, and our country will more closely resemble Cuba, Venezuela, and the old Soviet Union.

The choice we face in the 2020 elections could not be clearer.


  1. Back in August, 2016 several of us gathered to conduct an economic support session for the Scottish Distilling Industry and the looming election arose as a topic. My prediction then was the same as it is now, only the names are changed: “If Hillary is elected she will not finish her term because early in year four she and Bill will have to abscond at midnight with suitcases of cash to someplace without extradition because by then the U.S. will be in a full blown civil war.”

    Hillary was, and is, stunningly incompetent and so thoroughly corrupt as to require a new definition of the term; she and Bill only know and associate with people who are similarly incompetent and just as thoroughly corrupt, and it is ~3500 of those people who will be used to populate administration jobs and head executive agencies in her reign (I will concede that Bill is an unknown greater percentage more competent than Hillary, but indistinguishable in degree of corruption).

    The same will be true should any of the campaigning Democrats gain electoral success. Joe Biden will, if he doesn’t already, start buying suits with a slit in the jacket back for the master’s hand to reach in and manipulate the controls; Bernie will be so completely manipulated by everyone that calling him a figurehead will be facetious; and whichever Dem sits behind the Resolute desk will probably have a political life expectancy of weeks once the dust settles and the new VP gets organized.

    That’s not to say the possibility of conflict with four more years of Trump will be nonexistent, but that at least holds the hope of orderly and potentially well managed lower order conflict.

    In either case, the recommendation is to continue purchases of Necessary Supplies and stay alert.

  2. If Biden gets elected (hah!), he’ll just be a Trojan Horse for his VP to take over. Carefully note who he choses as his running mate – *THAT* person will be President come summer 2021 after Biden resigns because his dementia has gotten the best of him. That running mate will assuredly be some far-leftist/commie.

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