Wonderful Women: G Is For Gorgeous

Well now.. where to start?  How about Grace Kelly:

Followed by La Lollo, Gina Lollobrigida:

One more “oldie”, Gloria Grahame:

And then, wrenching ourselves into the modern era, we have Zepperella lead guitarist Gretchen “Gigi” Menn:

You knew I’d have at least one  redhead in here, dint ya?

And for all you X-ers out there (-Files, not Generation), Gillian Anderson:

And I bet you thought I’d forgotten Greta Garbo:

See you next week, when we raise Hell.


  1. A game I play with this is to pick a woman and cheer for her. Will Kim pick my choice? You did once, but I’ve struck out otherwise. Not complaining about your choices, mind you. You do have good taste.
    This week I was hoping for Gene Tierney.

    1. My dilemma was whether to pick a lot of women and post only one pic, or pick a few and post several of each. I chose the latter, but in 20 or so weeks’ time, it’ll start all over again from A, with different examples.

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