Peaceful Easy Feeling

As Longtime Readers may recall, back in late 2017 I spent an idyllic week at The Englishman’s holiday cottage in Boscastle, Cornwall.

What with all the storms, massive rainfall and such that have been hitting Britishland recently, I emailed him to see how Boscastle was coping — the place was flooded out not long ago,  To assuage my concerns, he sent me a link to a livecam that shows the river on its way out to the bay.  I’ve had it open on my desktop every day since, and watching it has the same effect on me now as being there did then.

If you go there, you’ll see that the post-flood drainage system seems to be coping well — I watched it mid-storm last week and the river barely rose a foot.  (For reference sake, the cottage is that white house down the path which runs along the left bank of the river. )

Off-camera to the immediate right of the pic is where you’ll find outstanding fish & chips, and its proximity to the cottage meant daily visits for nom noms.


I cannot recommend this village, and The Old Store House cottage highly enough, if you want to get away from it all for a week or so.  If you do book the place, don’t forget to tell The Englishman how you heard about it — I don’t get anything from him, of course, but I would like him to know that his unbelievable kindness in letting me stay there has brought him some reward.

5 Worst Things About The Corona Virus

  • All those exotic “Chinese Bat Stew” frozen dinners in your freezer will have to be thrown away
  • Your new Huawei phone has been renamed “Typhoid Mary” in the catalog
  • Far fewer cheap and trashy options in the Clothing section at Walmart
  • “Visit Chinatown” has to be taken off your bucket list
  • Severely limits your choices in the “buy a foreign wife” market

Your suggestions in Comments.

News Roundup

Short takes on Da Nooz:

1) Presidential hopeful Pete Buttplug indicated he is open to the idea of raising the legal age for firearm purchases  —  Cool.  As long as he also supports raising the voting age by the same number.

2) Venezuelan dictator Maduro announced late Monday that he would order “surprise” war games to plan for attacks against the United States on a “permanent” basisso basically, he’s copying California and D.C., except they’re not playing.

3) Portland Police Bureau are seeking the public’s help in identifying four Antifa members who took part in a recent protest in the city where police officers and civilians were attacked  —  and a prediction:  one day these little fascist fucks are going to threaten or beat the wrong guy, and get shot in the faceOn that day, I will publish a report of the incident under “Righteous Shootings”.

4) Paki Rape Gang Sentenced To Jail Terms  —  instead of being taken out behind the courthouse and shot in the back of the neck, unfortunately.

5) EU Wants To Keep Plundering Britain’s Fishing Waters  —  OR, the Brits can just send out their new aircraft carrier for “practice war games” and sink every EU ship it comes across.  It’s not like the Euros could do anything about it, not one of them having a deepwater navy.

6) Noted Homophobe Trump Appoints Homo As DNI  —  so much for that little Lefty talking point(Of course, he’s the wrong kind of homo, being conservative, hence the howls of protest from the Hair On Fire Party.)

7) CanuckiPM Girlyman Has No Clue —  no surprises there, especially as he secretly supports their protests.

and finally:

8) Eating a big breakfast could help you burn double the amount of calories than if you eat a larger meal at dinner  —  y’all know what to do now, don’tcha?

By the way, if that were true, I’d weigh about 100lbs.

Yeah, About That

I’m sick of people leaving their own shithole countries, then insisting that the new host country change to suit their stupid customs and ridiculous laws.  In a rare glimpse of reality, a British court actually agrees with me:

The Court of Appeal, the second-highest court in England and Wales after the Supreme Court, has ruled that the Islamic marriage contract, known as nikah in Arabic, is not valid under English law.

Needless to say, there’s handwringing because some women are now going to be denied protection under British bankruptcy laws because ta-dah! their nikah  marriages weren’t legal to begin with.

Under ancient laws, these women’s “husbands” could have been charged with fornication (which would have caused said Muslim assholes to head to the registry offices toot sweet, you bet), but of course those laws have been abolished in Britain (although it should be noted that such laws have not been abolished in Muslim countries).

This does not mean, of course, that I am advocating the return of puritannical laws — at least, not this specific one — but it does make one think of the rather novel concept of “unforeseen consequences”, does it not?

Anyway, there is of course a legal remedy to this situation:  make each taxpayer claiming a spouse as a dependent on their tax return furnish a certified copy of their marriage license as proof of legal marriage.  But that’s not gonna happen because some civil rights bullshit or other.

What a mess, and all so easily preventable.

Spreading The Virus

“Going viral” now has a whole new meaning:


I am SO weak…

Of course, there are other ways to make light of this thing:

For my Tribe Readers:

(yeah, I get them too)

More celebrities:

And where would we be without the WHO?


Finally, a sooper-seekrit poll what I done myself (promise):

To quote Dan Rather:  “Fake, but accurate.”