Wonderful Women: D Is For Delectable

Let’s start off with some oldies, like Dolores Del Rio:

…and Debra Paget, owner of the bluest eyes in Hollywood at the time:

Then there’s the lovely Donna Reed:

And from about the same era, Dawn Addams:

Moving into the modern era, there’s Cuban hottie Daisy Fuentes:

And the even-more delectable Dana Delaney:

Just for giggles, there’s pre-diet Dawn French:

And to end off, let’s look at someone who’s putting a modern touch to the old days of burlesque, Dita Von Teese:

Next week we’ll look at some more exquisite women…


    1. Isn’t taste in women a funny thing. I have never liked Ms. Delaney. Something about her simper. Oh, well, I can appreciate all her features, but the package, not so much.
      Plus, in this context, she can’t even carry Donna Reed’s jock strap.

      Thanks for the series, Kim. I can’t wait to see them all. Looking forward to a girl named Zazie.

  1. As I scrolled down I said to myself that I’d have to castigate you for leaving Dita out. Then lo and behold, there she was. A goodly selection.

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