Another Dream Punctured

I have long lusted after owning a Maserati Quattroporte, which to me seemed to be the last (non-Bentley) word in luxury touring cars:

It combines everything I like about cars:  exquisite styling, a sumptuous interior and, lest we forget, a Ferrari-derived 3.8-liter V8 engine.

This morning, however, I took an Uber passenger to the airport, and in chatting about cars, I mentioned my yearning for the above Mazza.

“Nah,” was his comment.
“Why not?”
“Quality isn’t that good.”
“It’ll break down every week?” I said in jest.
“Not every  week…”

I should point out that said passenger was once a senior exec at Maserati USA.

So much for that dream.


  1. Reminds me of an line I read from years ago: “I own a Volkswagen and a Ferrari. The Volkswagen is faster. It runs.”

  2. “Not every week…”

    Because those weeks it’s in the shop waiting for the parts to be made from old Cinzanno signs .

    …. and the Ferrari customers get priority by the shop because they are bigger cash cows.

  3. A friend bought a Quatroporte. His experiences were just what your passenger claimed.
    This friend, traded the Maser in on a Jag XJ and is very happy.

    1. And you know the Maser is bad when the Jag is a step up.

      “My good man, if you cannot afford a heated garage, then you don’t need to be buying our automobile. Good day sir.”

        1. Well, I knew I’d heard it from a snotty car salesman somewhere; I just couldn’t remember the guy’s name.

  4. What do people expect? Owning a European sports car is like dating a supermodel with a cocaine habit. You may be the envy of your friends, but sure as shit there’s a brutally expensive breakdown just around the corner.

    It’s a sad sign of the times that the only company seemingly capable of building a reliable car is Toyota.

    1. I’ve had my VW for over 5 years. It’s never let me down. Only 1 thing got damaged, and that was a drive belt when some loose gravel got stuck between it and a roller through a freak coincidence (which the dealer reported to VW and got told they’d never heard of that happening in the 5+ years that specific model had been on the market at the time).

      Similar with the Ford Focus I had years ago, never let me down.
      Another Ford I had I got into a crash that totaled it after a year and a half, but that one worked just fine as well up until that point, and it was totalled only because the car I hit had a towing hook that burried itself in the engine.

      Just stick to Ford, VW, Seat, and Skoda and you’re golden. Stay well clear of anything Italian or French.

  5. I once had the chance to drive a Ferrari Berlinetta (sp?) a few blocks for a drunken frat guy. Think 1980’s Tom Sellek/Magnum PI car, complete with t-tops. It was the single most uncomfortable car I have ever driven. Seats like concrete, cornered like a tank.

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