Wonderful Women: B Is For Bodacious

Let’s begin with our most recognizable B-Girl, Betty Brosmer:

Now for a quick cool-down, Barbara Stanwyck:

Some cool-down.  Anyway, if we’re going to go that route, then Brigitte Bardot:

(Photo by Cattani/Getty Images)

Okay, that’s enough of Mlle. Bardot.  Time for someone else, someone more modern, more demure.  Someone like Barbara Mori:


(Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

Like I said, more demure.  Moving on, we have the owner of the sexiest eyes ever to appear on screen, former Bond Girl Barbara Bouchet:

The rest of her was quite toothsome, too:


And in a nod to last week’s pic of Anita Ekberg:

That’s enough of the Killer Bs.  Till next week…


  1. I was hoping for Bo Derek, who was popular during my formative years. Plus now in her 60s STILL a stunning woman.

  2. Bardot may be stunning to the eye, but isn’t she of questionable sanity? Or am I getting her mixed up with someone else?

    1. She’s as dotty as the polka-dot bikini she once made famous, but she’s a granny — leave her alone.

  3. I never really understood the appeal of Barbara Stanwyck. (Other than her third pic above, natch.) Her biggest movie role seems to have been in “Double Indemnity.” Now I’ll cop to never having seen it, but in every still pic I see of her from that film, she looks like a guy in drag. (The other two pics above. Go ahead, scroll back up. You won’t be able to unsee it.) I’ll look for it on streaming services, or maybe on the “classic” shelf in the “Half Price Books” DVD section. But I don’t think I’ll do too much mind-changing.

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