1. RE: Thanksgiving – I have developed a few time honored, and quite reliable, methods of avoiding the Thanksgiving hosting business (and, to a large extent, even the “invited to attend” thing, too); each involves alcohol in large quantities, nudity, a substantial cast of (preferably) unnamed and untraceable assistants with adequate bail funds, and in a select few instances, gunfire. Details on request, send prepaid mailer. I have not yet tried the turkey, crab legs and octopus configuration yet, perhaps I’ll employ it next year; it might prove to be a bit more forgiving on the furniture, plaster and neighbors than other methods.

    And, RE: Ms. Rafferty; she was one of the things that made Suits moderately worthwhile; there are some actors who can dominate a scene merely by being in it, and she’s one of those. Checking IMDB, I noticed she played a character in Tremors, I’ll have to dig out that DVD if I still have it.

  2. So when is Cthulu hunting season? The one on the table is obviously a baby as I understand they’re pretty big when mature. What caliber and load would be appropriate for the little fellow? I’m sure that even they can be pretty nasty.

    1. If you are hunting mature ones in their normal habitat I believe depth charges and MK-48 torpedoes would be appropriate.

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