Tall Skinny Redheads

As any fule / Longtime Readers [some overlap]  kno, I prefer my dream women to be on the meaty / zaftig side, e.g. Carol Vorderman.  Here’s a reminder:

But those same people also know that I have a fondness for redheads — genuine redheads, with the pale skin (freckles optional, but most welcome) of that ilk.  So here are a few, leading off with Scotland’s Karen Gillan, formerly of Dr. Who  fame:

Then, of course,there’s Nicola Roberts from singing group Girls Aloud:

And from the BBC Poldark  TV series, Eleanor Tomlinson:

Also, actress / model Lily Cole:

And finally, the only reason to watch the appalling lawyer show Suits, Sarah Rafferty:

And a few more, whose names I didn’t catch:

Yum, yum, yum.  All of them.


  1. FYI, Kim, there are better pictures of Ms. Rafferty, and they belong at the top of the post.

    Not that the others aren’t “postable,” but, properly, the steak does come before the desert.

  2. I guess I’m a little surprised to see Ms. Christina Hendricks missing from your post.
    See seems to fit all of your criteria. Red hair, pale skin, and a voluptuous figure.

  3. That first anonymous redhead is a Suicide Girl identified as “Vaughn”. I’ll let you look up SG.

    You’re welcome.

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