Us, Too

Apparently, all-time hottie Brooke Shields wants to begin to “celebrate her own body” a lot more, which sounds just fine to me.  Let’s get a head start on the celebrations, shall we?  And I’m not going to be all ageist about it — we’ll look at past and  present:

Photographer: Melanie Acevedo

I’ve always thought that Brooke was one of the most beautiful women in the world, regardless of age.  But I have to say that as a youngin, she was a little light in the superstructure (for me, anyway). Now that she’s matured, however, she’s become a lot more MILFy…

What a woman.


  1. Which one of us is worse?

    We have du Toit, who is an elderly boomer who is still perving out and playing with himself at… what, exactly? How old are you Kim? 71? 😉

    Then there’s me, who looks at that unfortunate young lady… and sees vestiges of …Bruce Jenner.

    Time has not been kind to any of us

    1. Beat me to the punch, but Bruce Jenner, indeed. Her delicate teen beauty was stunning. Pretty Baby, Blue Lagoon. Her manly, mature beauty, not so appealing.

    2. The time I play with myself nowadays is during a solo session at the range when there are firearms involved.
      I didn’t notice the Bruce Jenner similarity because unlike some, it seems, I don’t pay much attention to trannies.

  2. Damn Kim, she’s two years younger than me, although I’ll admit she was the subject of many an almost-age-appropriate fantasy in my teen years. Three words: The Blue Lagoon. Of course watching it now I’d feel like a dirty old man.

    Which is funny, because when it came out it was perfectly natural for me to find her hot. And right now it’s natural for me to find her hot. But for me to say she was hot then makes me a perv now.

    Men can’t win.

    For the record,.Brook’s mother should have been flogged.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that there’s a “director’s cut” of “Blue Lagoon” out there somewhere?

  4. Back in the day (early 80s), my folks had one of the original satellite dishes. The old school models that were 8-foot wide fiberglass monstrosities. Anyway, one of the big thrills I had was sneaking downstairs late at night to watch R-rated (and later X-rated) movies that I wasn’t allowed to, and it was always a thrill when “The Blue Lagoon” was on HBO. Having watched it again a few weeks ago, I can’t believe I didn’t notice how thunderously stupid it was. And the worst part, according to IMDB, is that all of the best parts (literally) weren’t Brooke at all but her body doubles. Fortunately, there was a BL rip-off called “Paradise” in which Phoebe Cates did all her own cunning stunts, if you know what I mean.

  5. I don’t go looking for Pics of Jenner but it seems the news media or others keep throwing that monstrosity up in our face.

    As to Brook, yes she would work. I prefer more petite models my self. Kristen Bell comes to mind. I like perky. And as long as they are an adult, age does not affect me much either.

    Oh well. Of to other things.

    1. As James Lileks once said about Carrie-Anne Moss (comparing her appearance in the first “Matrix” movie to that in the third), there’s a fine line between “mannish” and “man, ish!”

  6. +1 for Jenner look-alike. I’m glad it’s not just me, because that was the first thing I thought of after seeing the older woman.
    I never understood all the fuss over her anyhow, even when she was young. With those eyebrows, you just knew she was sporting a whole head of broccoli up to her bellybutton down there.

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