Filthy Fifties

I’m not talking about the 1950s, either.  I’m talking about women in their fifties who appear to have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for eternal youth — or at least, the slowing of the ageing process.

Example 1:  Elizabeth Hurley (54)

Example 2:  Monica Bellucci (54)

Example 3:  Salma Hayek (52)

Example 4:  Carol Vorderman (58)

Example 5:  Juliette Binoche (53)

And I should point out that all the above pics are of recent vintage (i.e. taken within the past few months).

Gives a whole new meaning to the term “grab a granny”, dunnit?


From C.W.’s place:

I have to say that for me, the pleasure I get from shooting the .45-70 Govt depends very much on what rifle I’m using.  In my Browning High Wall, it’s fantastic fun.  With a lever rifle — any lever rifle — I have to have some serious padding at the shoulder to be able to shoot more than a few rounds.

I haven’t yet tried that custom ammo in the picture, but I must say I’m intrigued.

I still have a sneaky Bucket List item, which is to hunt Cape buffalo or grizzly bear with my single-shot High Wall, using the heavy Buffalo Bore loads.


HSM makes a 430-gr +P cartridge that breaks the 3,000 ft/lbs at the muzzle, but I don’t know how much that drops off by 50 yards — not much, I would guess.

Compare that with the .375 H&H (300-gr) load Doc Russia ad Mr. Free Market used to nail their respective buffaloes:

Whatever.  All the Africa hands and serious hunters of my acquaintance think I’m insane, because to hunt buff or grizzlies you need a minimum muzzle energy of 3,000 ft/lbs at 50 yards, and the 45-70 doesn’t get there.  Apparently I wouldn’t be able to get a PH / outfitter to accompany me.

It’s still on the list, however.  (Just don’t tell New Wife.)

And A Nation Yawns

…that nation, of course, being the United States when it comes to the Snooze Fest known as Formula 1, who have just announced the new F1 calendar for the 2020 season.

Twenty-two races (up from twenty), with seven back-to-back weekend races (F1 Grand Prix are usually spaced two weekends apart)… as one comedian noted in the comments:  just more races not to watch.

And Hanoi?  WTF were they thinking?  F1 couldn’t even get the South Korean Grand Prix to break even, and that’s in a Third World country that isn’t  a post-Communist shithole.

I had to laugh when I read another comment which suggested Johannesburg’s Kyalami track.  The main reason that F1 doesn’t go to South Africa anymore is that it would be the only venue where the cars could be carjacked during the race itself.  (That said, Kyalami is a brilliant track — I saw the late Niki Lauda win there, back when the teams were racing Fred Flintstone cars, comparatively speaking.  But the races were still more exciting than today’s.)

That said, I’m starting to lose enthusiasm for my lifelong passion — and if I can lose it, a lot more people aren’t going to take it on.

Sic semper res taedia.

Dodged One There

Still from Liz Jones:

I was reminded of a wedding I went to with my then husband Nirpal. The groom had hand made a book of poems about his love for his bride, which he then proceeded to read out loud to her and us. I’d turned to Nirpal and hissed crossly, “Why didn’t you do that for me when we got married?”
And he’d replied, “Think yourself lucky. The groom has had sex with other men.”

Remember:  when you think you’ve had it rough, there’s always  someone else who’s had it worse.


#MeToo? #FuckYou

A recent report (no link, it’s the poxy Guardian) outlines how businessmen are invoking the Pence Rule and are either freezing out women (no un-chaperoned meetings), not hiring women if the job involves close contact (e.g. business travel) or not hiring attractive women (because they cause more trouble than they’re worth).

Of course, the Grauniad  claims that men are now “afraid” of women — when of course what’s being revealed here is that men have become cautious of what women could do to them thanks to the (male and female) feministicals in HR and the pro-feminist corporate policies (#BelieveAllWomen) they create.

Which begs the question:  what did they think was going to happen?

Did these stupid people think that in the face of unremitting and unbridled hostility towards men, that we were just going to sit and take all the bullshit they were throwing at us without some kind of response?

Did they think we were all college professors, liberal arts students or girlyman journalists?

Here’s one article on the topic which should evoke howls of laughter.  Headed “College Students Need To End The Pence Rule Now”, the author makes nonsensical statements like:

The notion that avoiding one-on-one interactions between opposite sexes is the key to fixing sexual violence is absurd. The underlying suggestion is that if a male is never alone with a member of the opposite sex, they never have the opportunity to indulge in such activities. By presenting an image of men being uncontrollable, lustful and power hungry, and women as temptresses, the Pence rule only perpetuates gender roles which help lead to sexual violence in the first place.

What utter bullshit.  The Pence Rule actually has very little (if anything) to do with “sexual violence”:  it is a precautionary measure that provides equal protection for both men and women in intimate situations, where the man can be prevented from flirting (or more) with the woman, AND where a woman can’t unjustly accuse a man of harassment after the fact.  It’s a social prophylactic, in other words, but just like a condom, which makes sex less pleasurable but prevents disease, the Pence Rule guards against the other “diseases” of sexual aggression and unjustified accusation.

If I were a young man attending college right now, I’d break my own rule and have the Pence Rule tattooed on my arm, just to remind me.  (And, by the way, I would make a video recording of each and every sexual encounter I engaged in — not for dissemination, but as a defense against post-facto  harassment from the woman.)

And by the way, college students can’t end the Pence Rule:  only male  college students can do that, and they’d be idiots if they did.  The fact that the writer of the article is a woman simply invites the male response:  “I guess I missed the memo that gives you the right to tell me how to live my life.”

It’s sad that we have to protect ourselves with all these rules, but hey:  that’s the world we live in —  well, that other  people live in;  I have no desire to inhabit such a world, ever.

But the minute that #MeToo evolved into #BelieveAllWomen — and the Kavanaugh hearings showed us all exactly what that  entails — women lost all moral high ground, and became simply antagonists and adversaries.  And if there’s one thing that men are genetically programmed to deal with, it’s an adversary.

Deal with it, ladies.  And scolding won’t work, anymore.