1. This meme is floating around somewhere…

    Chuck Norris once attended a feminist rally. He left with an ironed shirt and a sandwich.

  2. Guys, Chuck Norris in an SJW. He probably fixed them a sandwich and ironed their blouses.

    Don’t believe me? Just watch a few episodes of his show, “Walker, Texas Ranger”. Every villain on that show is a white male either in a suit or cowboy attire – usually a businessman on the take or a rancher in cahoots with the ebil drug lords. The victims are almost all children, orphans, or downtrodden minorities under the heel of “the man.” (…sometimes all-of-the-above at once.)

    Nevertheless, my wife likes the show, but when it comes on, she kicks me out of the room. Otherwise, I would sit there and laugh and heckle them.

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