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We all love the shooting sports at this website, of course (and I think I can speak for all here of my disappointment at the rejection of our request to have Hippie Shooting included in the next Summer Olympics).

Nevertheless, we can look forward to the next Winter Olympics, where we should see Italy’s Dorothea Wierer participate in the Women’s Biathlon event.  Dorothea who?



Oh… that Dorothea.

Here she is in competition (she is the current World Champion):


But as any fule know, practice makes perfect, so she does it during the summer as well.


…even in hot weather:

She is, in a word, yummy:



It’s also quite refreshing that in a sport which contains the prefix “Bi-“, Dorothea is apparently quite heterosexual.

Good luck, kid.


  1. Wow, 5′ 2″, weighs 132, a small package of dynamite and incredible eyes with curves in the right places and the world class winner in one of the most difficult sports Biathlon.

  2. Now that’s a Pretty Woman!
    I thought the biathlon was originally related to ski troops. That said, I wish they’d shoot a military rifle instead of that high tech cap gun.

  3. Very nice.

    And Kim, I thought they rejected Hippie Shooting as not being challenging enough? I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to pick ’em out, and they have less situational awareness than a drunk armadillo…

    1. I even offered to have the competitors shoot from the back of a slow-moving Jeep Wrangler on a rutted drive, just to make it more sporting. STILL no interest from the pussy bastards.

  4. Speaking of slow-moving Jeep sorts of things, it needs to be remembered that in biathalon one must, first, ski; while marksmanship is critical, and performed on a #*%$ square range with very highly customized hardware firing almost powerless ammunition, those ranges are connected by miles of snow. Just as Ross Seyfried summed up IPSC with “you can’t miss fast enough to win” biathalon cannot be won by a rapid firing zero-down shooter unless that shooter also out-skis most of their competitors.

    Incentive to include the gym as well as the range in one’s lifestyle. Which gets me to thinking: I wonder if anyone has envisioned a “sports complex” that incorporates a top notch shooting facility and a high quality gymnasium facility with competent support staff who comprehend the link between accurate shooting and physical capability.

    As for that Jeep thing, there’s a discipline (I suppose it should be called that) somewhere in the wide realm of Cowboy shooting which involves shooting balloons with single action revolvers from horses at full gallop. So why not Hippie Shooting from a moving Jeep? (In all fairness, it’s probably reasonable to substitute cardboard IPSC targets for the hippies, at least until the Real Festivities begin. It would make keeping range cleanup somewhat easier….)

  5. No shoot hippies! They’re peace loving & harmless.
    I nominate ANTIFA thugs to be used as moving targets.
    For ammunition, I suggest the use of .22 long rifle hollow points. I see no reason to waste expensive center fire ammunition on targets worthy only of disgust. The firearm must be any rifle or pistol capable of firing at least one round per minute.
    The scoring should be
    3 points for a center face shot which will possibly kill them but definitely disfigure them.
    5 points for a knee shot, permanently crippling them so they will walk funny (if they walk at all) for the rest of their useless life.
    10 points for any belly shot. That way they will die a long slow painful death. If they are lucky enough to survive the peritonitis their digestive system will be screwed up forever.
    Contestants will be drawn by lottery because it is anticipated that the number of prospective shooters is enormous.
    Sign up will begin next week.

    1. Sometimes, you guys worry me a little. That’s WAY too much thought gone into the topic.

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