Royal Ascot 2019

It is the Queen’s Race, is Ascot, and as the old girl is getting up there, one feels the need to chronicle the event.  Certainly, HM herself looked as elegant as always:

Of course, rather less can be said of various of her subjects, however (warning:  link contains pics of Piers Morgan):

I know, I know… it’s my fatal weakness, these Train Smash Women.  Every single one of them  is going to wake up in the morning regretting at least three  decisions made the day before.

Some of the ladies were at least more or less presentable:

…and a few were even quite comely (if one ignores the millinery):

And of course, Charlotte Hawkins (cf. yesterday) looked lovely:

And so it goes…


  1. A day or so ago another commenter also disapproved of British ladies’ hats, as did Kim today.

    May I dissent?

    I see even the most outlandish from today’s post, and nearly all from previous posts here, as demonstrations of a sense of fashion fused with a delightful sense of humor (or humour, if you prefer).

    Kim and many readers know far more British ladies than I do (It would be hard to know fewer. They are rare in the Brush Country of South Texas.) and have more informed opinions than I do. It is therefore probable that I’m wrong and they are right. Even so, I don’t plan to change my mind. There are worse actions than holding nice, but harmlessly wrong, opinions about ladies one will never meet.

    1. allow me to dissent to your dissent.

      frankly i find those hats to be more ridiculous than a jesters hat.

      in fact, i’d probably find a jesters hat looks better on them.

      1. Look, I think they’re ridiculous — but in the grand scheme of things, completely harmless. Basically, the ladies’ hats are artistic creations rather than actual, you know, hats.

        The biggest problem that Brit women have with them is that these so-called “fascinators” draw attention to their faces, which can be a problem if said ladies are afflicted with “British teeth”.

  2. I was at day 1 of Ascot, (it rained and I lost), there were indeed many ladies wearing dresses that, in afterthought, could have concealed more. BUT they all seemed to be having a really great day out, dressing up, having a few drinks, flirting and some, posing for cameras. I’ve seen the other pictures you have posted from other race courses and I agree, train smash does apply. The lot at Ascot on the day I was there, didn’t really fit that bill. Though there were some truly terrible hats (my wife disagreed about the hats). (Actually the same applied to Goodwood a couple of weeks ago – no monsters that I could see)

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