Class Totty

Loyal Readers will know of my fondness for BritTV personality Charlotte Hawkins, who is always an island of class in a sea of Train Smash Women at the various horse racing events over in Britishland.  A couple samples just to remind you:

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see her companion-in-crime at the races, commentator Francesca Cumani (that’s her on the right):

Yummy.  Some more?  Oh, why not?

And one of them together:

As the title suggests:  class totty.


  1. One thing I just don’t get about English women, including the classy ones…their taste in hats.

  2. They have nice smiles. I’m not so fond of the last picture: the skirts don’t quite work for me and Francesca is clearly uncomfortable in those high heels.

  3. Fine examples of the first class totties you are known for discovering.
    I do wonder, what is AOC doing in Blighty with the two lovely news presenters? I thought she was cramming for her next embarrassingly bad public display of ignorance (in High School we called it PDA, public display of affection, but the Dems now have introduced PDI).

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