1. “I don’t give a f*ck!” (If I’m not mistaken that’s a honey-badger)

    “You want a piece of me?”

    “Yeah, you got big paws, I got big attitude!”

    It’s not the size of the honey-badger in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the honey-badger.

  2. “Gladys, leave the badger alone; there are antelope over here I need your help with, and you won’t be worth a damn after he chews your leg off.”

    1. Honey Badger don’t need no back up cause Honey Badger don’t give a shit.
      I need to not comment until my first barrel of mud is down the pipe. (mongoose – badger)

  3. Ralph the honey badger (asking in that special way only honey badgers can):
    “Yo, Ebolette. Full moon tonight. What say we get in some quality ‘snuggle time’?”

    Ebolette the orange mammal (and feeling particularly ‘lucky’):
    “Why, Ralph, you dickens! You have such a way with words! You know I’m fertile… and in need of a real stud!”

  4. After the genital removal procedure, stark raving socialist Nigel enjoyed his new status as ‘a little light in the toes’.

    Here, we see Ralph the anarchist honey badger offering his approving support… although Ralph would certainly never get ‘whacked’ because, well, honey badger.

  5. With her nearby pride offering support, Ebolette coyly approaches the winsome stranger. Uncharacteristically shy before her first ‘experience’, she yearns for that ‘happy ending’ so many of her female elders rave about.

    Here, we see Ralph, the ‘could take it or leave it’ honey badger, playing ‘hard to get’… and instantly driving Ebolette into ‘must have him’ passions!

  6. After the trendy ‘gender re-assignment’ procedure, stark raving socialist Nigel hopes for “…some quality time…” with all available males. [emphasis in original]

    Unfortunately, Ralph the honey badger has strict boundaries against that sort of thing, dashing Nigel’s desires for universal acceptance. Is this just another pathetic example of the consequences of the poorly thought-out socialist agenda?

  7. After investing her life savings, and employing the ‘think light’ philosophy she learned at the multi-level TranscendMeditate weekend workshop, Ebolette hopes to impress Ralph the honey badger with her powers of levitation.

    Sadly, the ‘complete lift-off’ package is part of the month-long course, and requires an additional fee.

  8. Oooh. A definitive “don’t fuck with me” from the honey badger and an “oh shit” reaction from the lioness.

  9. And after I cut out your heart and eat it I’ll do the same for your friend standing there behind you

  10. Ever notice that every kid between 18 months and two years old is a fuck’n Honey Badger. Daughter told me 6 years ago about her son, Honey Badger don’t give a shit and now youngest kid is 19 months old and her mom calls her “Honey Badger”. They really don’t give a shit, I like critters like that.

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