Scum On The Left

From Patricia McCarthy:

Our left has done such terrible damage over the years.  They have destroyed academia, especially our once great universities.  Few of them today permit free speech or freedom from the forced acceptance of all things politically correct.  They no longer value critical thinking, so they do not teach it.  They indoctrinate. Students who deviate from the new rules that seem to have leapt off the pages of Orwell’s 1984 will be harassed, punished.  They have terrorized the young with their frightening exhortations of man-caused global warming hysteria.  They are working hard to obliterate the absolute truth of gender.  Science and biology be damned.

Kinda sounds a lot like the Preamble to the Declaration Of Independence, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope that words like this can spark a similar reaction among normal, decent people.

And the article is a LOT better than this small excerpt.


  1. I didn’t read the article because just from the excerpt I can tell it’s the same thing that’s been talked about here and other places on the web for quite a few years now.

    I think most of conservative America is in the wait and see mode right now. Which makes me think of something someone I can’t remember said (not the exact words but close enough)”The left uses violence like a volume knob they turn it up or down as they see necessary, to the right it’s an on off switch when we feel the need to turn it on it’s lets see how high we can stack the bodies.”

    400,000,000 guns and billions of rounds in private possession tells me the piles are going to be pretty impressive.

    The left isn’t smart enough to not awaken the sleeping giant.

  2. If I may be permitted to continue rlhunter’s thought above, and that of Ms. McCarthy, I’ve become increasingly concerned about being within schrapnel range when our society begins its Rapid Disassembly Phase.

    I suspect a silent, but steadily growing part, of the “wait and see” element’s behavior may be personal examination of the necessary strategic and tactical processes for assisting in that phase with the goal of making it as brief, intense, and complete, as is reasonably possible.

    I am somewhat grateful, as well as baffled, each morning to discover that The Day has not yet arrived. Usurpations, as defined in The Declaration, abound, and are not on a single vector, but have become omnidirectional and omnipresent; we are forced to not just witness, but bathe in them constantly and there is no avoidance possible. In fact, they seem in relentless and constant pursuit.

    I’m envisioning the “water behind the dam” building to a breaking point – eventually, the dam will be stressed beyond its capability and release the torrent which scours the canyon bare. That will be a “this will not end well” moment offering unpleasantness for all, but I suspect there will be those whose share of the unpleasantness vastly exceeds that of others. I’d say it would be very interesting to watch, but I very much doubt it will be possible to maintain spectator status.

    I also doubt that it can remain December 6th forever.

  3. I don’t think it’s so much wait and see, as that many have simply given up even trying to stem the tide.
    That’s reflected in the ever declining birth rates as well, people who don’t think there is a future worth living aren’t going to make children to put into that future.

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