1. Jim always wanted to be immortalized, but not by having a social disease named after him.

    We don’t have to charge because our parents paid to coach to get us on the crew team.

    Get it now, in 20 years we’ll be bitter single women complaining to our cats that there are no good men.

  2. Debbie’s sorority had a special hidden message for their fathers on parent’s weekend.

    (The yellow letters of the sign spell DADA.)

  3. The annual Bake Sale and Jamboree of the Corrections Officers’ Union gets off… to a flying start.

  4. Because the Proctor said that Free Head & Shoulders would be too much of a Gamble.

    Gotta be careful with that “anal”, by the way. Liberal breeding programs are based on that practice, y’know.


    Picked up the Norwegian Krag at the FFL Local Crack Dealer. Next is to get it out the range and see what it’ll do. And as pretty as that Bishop Gunstock is on it, I’m now on the hunt for a proper, original, military stock and fittings for it.

    Even without a scope, it’s looking like one hell of a Texas Deer Rifle, just as it is.

    Sunk New Dawn

  5. OT (somewhat), but I don’t get the recent fascination with anal among the younger generations. I find it rather off-putting, TTTT.


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