Swimsuit Issues

Ah, shuddup:

But the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue doesn’t care about plus-sized women, athletes, or religious models. It cares about staying relevant while also profiting off men buying a magazine to drool over hot women. These silly claims of empowerment through the swimsuit issue cannot change the fact that pages of sexualized women marketed toward men are inherently sexist, insulting, and gross. No amount of diversity can hide Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s real problem.

This, after SI put some Muslim totty in a Mohammed-approved bathing suit (see link, I don’t want it on my blog).

I’ve never purchased a SI Swimsuit Issue, nor even paged through one.  (I think SI is a crap magazine, period, so why would its T&A issue be any better?)  So this situation bothers me not, except that Teh Womyns are once again trying to make men’s lives less enjoyable because feminist bullshit.  (When they start on People Magazine because of its annual Sexiest Man Alive feature, I might bother to listen — nah, not even then.)

As for the current brouhaha about Muzzie swimsuits, I think the best response would be to post a pic of a real swimsuit, and to double the effect, one worn by a Jewish  girl:

Swimsuit 2018: Aruba Athletes / Aly Raisman / Aruba 11/11/2017 / X161518 TK4 / Credit: James Macari

My my, young Aly certainly has  grown up since the 2012 Olympics…


  1. One of the many laments of conservatives is that we’re trying to sell vegetables while the liberals are giving away pizza. Usually, this is where I post a pic of Kate Upton in the zero-gravity plane (find this pics yourself…heh), but lovely young Aly proves that just this once, the pizza is on our side. Doubly so for the side of Western civilization vs. the barbarians.

  2. Bitches minding other bitches bidnit.
    Much of this world is becoming less relevant everyday.

  3. As pulchritudinous as young Ms Raisman is (and it’s quite a lot), you could probably induce even more frothing furor with an image search for “IDF women in bikinis with rifles.”

    Because, well, a scantilly clad comely Jewess is one thing…scantily clad Israeli Jewish lovelies adds a whole additional level to their furor. It’s like intersectionality, except for empowered non-victims.

  4. Twas maybe 15 years ago, and the family went to Langkawi Island (part of Malaysia) for a holiday. Malaysia is Muslim lite, so there were Arabs there for a holiday. Son and I walked along the beach, past German girls sunbathing topless( “don’t stare” I said to the 16 year old), and then another 300 yards along was a swarthy Arab man in shorts singlet and sandals. We thought he was looking at a seal in the water. But it was a woman in full black burqua, rolling about in the waves. At least Arab-man let her in the water.
    A very sad commentary on some societies

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