1. Date-less for several decades and with only moments remaining on her biological ticking ‘clock’, Cinda Funklestine == outside guard of the CinCinn Benga chess club == approaches team towel-collector apprentice Omar Jefferson to participate in a little between-rounds ‘cheerleading’.

    Supervising towel-collector Mohammed van Diesel wisely chooses to surreptitiously ‘observe’ the ‘scene’ with his signature ‘palm-cam’, to re-played later in the privacy of his bunk. And, according to unverified rumors, in the showers.

  2. Between a series of particularly exhaustive rounds, Cinda Funklestine == outside guard of the CinCinn Benga chess team == seductively raises her protective eye-gear before approaching team towel-collector new-comer Omar Jefferson for ‘just one more’ forehead wipe.

    In charge of team linens == and answering to a ‘higher power’ == team towel-collector supervisor Mohammed van Diesel sends a ‘ethereal’ message to the young apprentice… sternly discouraging that sort of behavior.

  3. Smugly exercising his towel-collector ‘privilege’, Omar Jefferson == a promising ‘fresh face’ on the CinCinn Benga chess team == hautily ignores the pressing needs of cow-orkers Cinda Funklestine and Mohammed van Diesel.

    Fortunately, the episode was preserved for posterity by one of the ever-present surveillance drones utilized by the judges to reduce the occasional attempts by unscrupulous competitors to ‘influence’ the outcomes of the increasingly controversial chess tournaments.

    Sadly, immediately after the evidential videos were released to their millions of adoring fans, both Cinda and Mohammed were expelled for the remainder of the season… just going to prove, once again, the value of ‘privilege’. I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from this inevitable tragedy.

  4. At the popular CinCinn Benga chess tournaments, elder judge Mohammed van Diesel observes the qualifying opening rounds between Team Blond and Team Hat. Using an unexpected ‘kneel’ diversion to take her rook, new-comer Omar Jefferson scores the point over the soon-to-retire Cinda Funklestine.

    Dreading her potential return to obscurity, Funklestine employs the prohibited two-handed ‘pass-off’ to one of her tag-team co-conspirators… earning her a three-minute penalty in the off-field box. Disgusted fans == prepared for such disrespect to their beloved sport == pelt Funklestine with a shower of assorted value-packed vegetable matter available from the stadium’s strolling vendors at a very reasonable price.

  5. Omar Jefferson, keeper of the ladies room key, slowly reaches for the bag containing the key. He slowly unzips the first of several zippers. He fumbles the combination to one of the interior locks. He almost remembers the correct combination, but needs a few moments to collect his thoughts before continuing…

  6. Raised in a family of very short drivers == and not realizing he could ‘break the mold’ == Omar Jefferson symbolically re-lives those early decades of ‘through the steering wheel’ vehicle operation.

  7. After genome testing verified her hopes and dreams, the former ‘Cinda Funklestine’ up-dated her social media profiles. Announcing her re-branding as ‘LaTwanique Jefferson’, the young lady encourages a couple members of her new ‘race’ to help her in her initial initiation into their mysterious ways.

  8. 1. Two Cincinnati Bengals fans pray for a Bengals home run at last year’s Saints -Bengals game.

    2. In town for the first time, two Cincinnati Bengals fans beg the men they met last night to delete a video after finding out what happens in New Orleans doesn’t stay in New Orleans.

    3. In New Orleans for the first time, two Cincinnati Bengals fans react after being told the men they met last night may have “given them lagniappe.”

    4. Two women from Cincinnati ask a local how to find out if a po-boy is longer than a grinder.

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