1. Although Jerry had his doubts, he went ahead and installed the railway track per the engineering drawings (never mind that these had been soaked by spilled tea a few days earlier)…..

    1. A.k.a. Making high speed rail fun again

      (Typed on a mobile phone while traveling 310kmh/185mph on a Chinese train )

  2. Well THERE’S your problem!

    Damn, break out the drug test kit again.

    When you said you were a railroad engineer,.I thought you meant the kind that designs railroads, not drives them …

    What do you know, my high school physics teacher was right. Metal does expand when it gets hot.

  3. Yeah, well in February it’ll be straight again. Until then, let’s just put up a couple of “Caution” signs and go get a beer.

  4. Workmen apply finishing touches to the new High Speed Rail Engineer Proficiency Test in California; named the Gavin “Dagny” Newsom Line, it promises to bring new levels of performance to Golden State transportation.

  5. Thank You. I stole this pic and shared it on a railroad employee site. Another employee left this very apropos comment about a third employee whom everyone knows about. I’m crying, laughing so hard:
    “Bob worked at Disneyland for years but his experience isn’t always welcome.”

  6. The State of California has completed a section of track to be used for railroad engineer DUII field sobriety testing …

  7. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the California High-Speed Rail Authority to begin installing sections of ‘diversity track’ after CHSRA was found guilty of ‘straight privilege’ under California’s new anti-discrimination law.

    1. clifford,
      This caption earns the LargeMarge ‘Seal’ Of Approval.

      On an unrelated ‘related’ note:
      Were you and I ‘separated’ at birth?

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