Alternative Action

So the eco-loons were out in force in Londonistan for the past couple of days, gluing themselves to buildings and generally causing the usual havoc.

More than 200 people have been arrested over the ongoing climate change protests in London, with activists physically carried by police from demonstrations at Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus.

Which made me think.  Here’s a picture of one such loony:

And here’s a pic of Waterloo Bridge:

Am I the only one thinking of an alternative for the police to arresting these scruffy tools?  (My Latin’s a little rusty, but pontis iacerendum  would be the proper term, I think.)

“Extinction Rebellion”, my aching left buttock… I can think of at least one  species that should be made extinct.


  1. “…climate change protests…”

    They should be protesting something worthwhile like, say, gravity.
    Gravity is just plain wrong.
    Who the hell does gaia think it is limiting people to stay on the ground?
    Think how much more equal everything would be if there was no gravity, everybody could just zoom around in 3D all day long, what could be freer?
    Somebody needs to do something and that somebody should be the gov’ts and the something is to take stuff from people.

  2. They might be witches. Toss them in. If they drown, they aren’t. If they float, they are and need to burn.

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